Freshness without colour: KAMENSKAYAKONONOVA

If you take away colour from the equation and decide to work only in black and white, you’re forced to be creative in other ways. There’s no relying on bold prints to be the star of any given piece, no sorbet pastels to make mouths water or traffic stopping neons to light you up after dark. Instead monochrome dressing is about finding subtle ways to create unique looks in the absence of colour.

KAMENSKAYAKONONOVA’s spring 2013 collection does that by paring each piece back to elegant simplicity. Cuts are relaxed, unfussy, effortless; raw edges and deliberate crinkled texture give fabrics an air of deliberate nonchalance. The Ukranian duo (Natalia Kamenskaya and Olesya Kononova) don’t always work in black and white, but this spring they’ve made it work for them in a way looks like they didn’t even have to try.

The label’s spring 2013 film can be seen above, and you can view the full look book by clicking on the gallery.