From gardens to caverns: Garth Cook

Garth Cook’s resort 2013 collection placed us in the midst of a dreamy garden, filled with petal-like folds and sculpted silhouettes. For autumn / winter 2013 Cook picks us up where we left off, before evolving and refining those elements. And if Resort was ambiently botanical then autumn takes us into the caverns of the geological.

Transformers introduces knitwear with vivid lurex shots of emerald greens and sapphire blues. When set against sheer silk organza panels and geometric shapes, these vibrant gemstone colours start to feel futuristic and fresh. Some more daring organza pieces are sheer all over.

It’s easy to become unadventurous and slip into a pattern of comfort when the cold comes, but Cook’s use of 100% Merino wool is a brainwave that both suits the weather of the season and does it in a visually interesting way. Grey and blue lurex skirt with sheer side panels, look out – I’ve got my eye on you.

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