Films have always left imprints on the world of fashion. A great story comes to life on the screen and before long we’re wishing we were in it: the viewer wants to be Holly Golightly in black Givenchy, or Annie Hall in a Ralph Lauren tie, or Carrie Bradshaw in Manolo Blahniks. And while the influence is often strong enough to spawn fashion trends and copycat looks, it’s not every day the impact is this direct. Or this authorized. Straight from the horse’s mouth, costume designer Trish Summerville has created a Girl with the Dragon Tattoo collection for H&M.

In a press release from the high street giant, it was announced that the collection would debut at Paris’ purveyor of all things cool, Collette. That’s one way to add street cred to your collection, if basing it off a tough-as-nails female lead wasn’t enough.

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h&m girl with the dragon tattoo

Trish Summerville is behind the costumes for one of the year’s most eagerly awaited films, David Fincher’s version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. To celebrate, costume designer Trish Summerville has created a women’s collection for H&M, full of pieces inspired by the film’s anti-heroine, Lisbeth Salander. The 30-piece collection has the dark urban feel that defines her character, with leather jackets and trousers, torn jeans and slouchy hoodies all in industrial shades of black, grey, worn white or dark red…

Leather racing jackets are neat, nipped and ready to protect; a hooded wool coat has a diagonal zip that wraps across the body; cardigans are draped at the front to provide comfort out in the city; trousers have a tight fit, either in functional leather or slashed denim, while a denim mini is rough cut as if by hand. Zip-up hoodies are a crucial part of the mix, while T-shirts bring a rare splash of colour with a hand-painted flag, or scrolled lettering. Accessories are vital to the look, whether it be a knit snood, a battered backpack or a tribal earring. Boots finish off the style, whether they be high-top sneakers, an urban platform wedge, or some perfectly pre-worn leather boots.

Summerville’s costuming seems well-thought out, and also a strong update for the times (and, perhaps, to better facilitate saleability of spin-off lines such as this one). In Stieg Larsson’s original text Salander’s clothing is often described as having almost garish prints and slogans, which one imagines have been dropped for Fincher’s film version.

The collection, as inspired by the Rooney Mara-played character, will be available at Collette on November 28, and in H&M stores on December 14.

Hat tip to Fashion Copious.

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