Chances are that by the time March finally arrives, you’ve already grown tired of your entire winter wardrobe, super coats to super knits included. And although the temperatures don’t allow you to dive into spring fashion just yet, there are still some things you can do to make your closet feel appealing again.

As it happens, March is also the perfect time to get your wardrobe all organized and ready for the new season.

After the break, 9 steps to getting your wardrobe spring-ready in a snap.

get your wardrobe ready for spring

Edit your wardrobe.

Decluttering and editing your wardrobe is easier done right when the seasons are about to change. With spring blooming on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to revisit your entire closet. To make the process all the more uncomplicated, sort things into piles focusing on clothes you’ll keep, clothes you’ll give away, and ones you’re undecided about/ plan on updating.

steps to getting your wardrobe spring ready

Clean up the winter stuff.

While you can still keep a few cashmere sweaters and a cozy cardigan around for chilly days, you can pretty much get on with the process of washing, folding and putting away all of your serious winter gear. Think puffy jackets, wool coats and chunky knits, basically the stuff that takes up half of your closet space and steals all the focus.

steps to getting your wardrobe spring ready

Revisit / transition.

Now is also the time time to revisit your old clothing in trying to make it fit for the new season. From cutting up the sleeves, to replacing the buttons, to tailoring vintage jackets, skirts and pants, a lot can be done to breath new life into your existing wardrobe without having to spend on a completely new one.

Same can be said about the more lightweight of winter essentials, the items that you can use to transition into spring. Think jackets, sweaters and booties that will look totally refreshed when mixed in with some of the season’s new it pieces.

steps to getting your wardrobe spring ready

Organize your basics.

No matter your aesthetic, no matter if most of your wardrobe is focused on office gear, casual, everyday clothing, or perfectly on-trend pieces, its foundation should still be built on a collection of great basics.

Cotton tees to slick button-downs to jeans, make sure to sort out your basics and bring them back front and center.

steps to getting your wardrobe spring ready

Organize by color.

Arranging clothes by color is a great way of keeping things organized at all times, but in spring is when it makes all the more sense to colour-coordinate your wardrobe. Having all items categorized in such way makes finding things easier, particularly in the mornings, not to mention how such clear visuals help in mixing and matching your favorite silhouettes.

steps to getting your wardrobe spring ready

Add some color and / or print.

During winter we usually tend to indulge in darker, moodier hues, or classy neutrals at best. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong in entering spring with a palette of black, white, gray and beige tones, it can feel refreshing at least to throw in some color or a vivid print.

steps to getting your wardrobe spring ready

Invest in smart accessories.

They can make or break an outfit, they can also enliven an existing wardrobe, so instead of giving up on a perfectly good collection of spring clothing for shiny and new silhouettes year after year, treat each season as an opportunity to invest in a couple of smart accessories.

A luxe bag, a statement pair of heels, a classic watch or an on-trend piece of jewellery can often make all the difference in the world, not to mention better investments.

steps to getting your wardrobe spring ready

Get inspired.

From exploring the seasonal fashion trends to browsing your favorite Pinterest boards and glossy magazines, use the pretext offered by a brand new season as an opportunity to get inspired, to try new things, to spice up your wardrobe and polish off your signature style.

steps to getting your wardrobe spring ready

Shop with intention.

Last but not least, make a wishlist and shop with intention. Think in practical terms and be aware of what your wardrobe needs in order to keep you feeling perfectly dressed for the season. Whether it’s a designer bag, a silky slip dress or a more basic white button-down, shop for what you really need before getting completely swallowed by fast-fashion.

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