It is the most worn accessory piece by men, but despite that, a watch should still come across as a testimony of style, and nothing like a timeless design to further emphasize this statement. When it comes to watches and suits, some things are clear cut and obvious, like the fact that a dress watch is supposed to be small, discreet, elegant. Other actions instead, like the matching of a watch to a men’s suit, are still likely to raise some concerns. Nothing is resolute, of course, but there are a few simple rules that can easily guide your everyday choices.

After the break, we talk which watch to wear with which suit, aiming for a series of cohesive looks able to reflect your impeccable style at all times. Remember though, the final choice and style statement, always belongs to you.

how to match suit and watch menswear

The light grey suit.

When it comes to light grey suits, chances are you’ll hear many opinions regarding the proper watch to wear it with. That’s because this particular hue allows for a number of styling alternatives, all equally relevant. While you can always base your choice on the other leather items you are wearing (the belt and the shoes that should always be matching), here you can also pick between a leather strap, or a silver metal one. If you do opt for a leather (embossed, or not) strap, pick between a light shade of brown, or a more somber black. Always go for simplicity, and aim for a timeless sense of class.

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how to match your watch to your suit


The dark grey suit.

A dark grey suit will look best with a leather strap watch, seeing how this type of watch is gifted with a dressier quality. Trust both a black and a dark brown strap to fit almost any setting, be them business, or more formal. Try matching your metals (belt buckles, tie pin, watch), although this is no longer a mandatory requirement. If you do opt for cohesion, pick either a silver-tone face, or a rose gold case to match to the rest of the outfit.

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How to match your watch to your suit


The blue suit.

The easiest way to match a blue suit to a watch is to decide on your other accessories first. If you go with brown shoes and a brown leather belt, add a brown leather strap watch to complete your outfit. If you choose to go with black instead, a black leather strap watch would also make sense. To add more individuality to your look, you can always pick a watch with subtle, but colourful hands, like the blue ones fitting this particular example.

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How to match your watch to your suit


The navy suit.

Although leather straps are decidedly dressier, some guys do prefer metals, in which case it’s just a matter of finding the right metal watch to match to an elegant suit. Case in point: a navy suit would look impeccable with both a black, and a brown leather strap, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to also sport it with a stainless steel strap watch, featuring a classic black face. In the end it all comes down to smart finishes, even when they are based on a little bit of contrast.

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How to match your watch to your suit


The black suit.

If the suit you will be wearing is black, a black leather belt and black shoes are most likely to accompany this elegant choice. So it only makes sense to also wear a watch that features a black leather strap. Here you can choose between a silver-tone face, or a matching black face to further infuse your outfit with a smart play on fine details. Keep in mind that the same rules don’t apply to a tuxedo, seeing how a tuxedo should never be worn with a watch.

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How to match your watch to your suit

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