Jitrois: an urban angel of venerable decent

Breathing in the sentiments of life and reality with fine lines and definitive detail, creating personality through the intricate weavings of colour and cloth, pawing at the edge of sexuality and womanhood through leathery material and skintight apparel.

The spring 2013 collection of Jitrois is a calling to the modern woman; delicate cottons juxtaposed with the resilient materials of leather reveal the contrast and complexity that epitomizes the female form and the female soul. Jirtois gives us hints of mesh and weave to create a look that is flirtatious and feminine. The evidence of mesh is a technique used to impose the notion of something refined and polished, it does not impose on the revelations and secrets of the female form, but rather uses this fine weave the give it volume and boast the body’s lines.

There resides an obvious presence of female independence and sexuality; hintings towards gladiator-flared skirts and sharp lines above the wrist and below the neck line.  However this sits in contrast with a soft flow and presence of the 1920s dress code it recalls; zips running the length of the body and tassel fringed skirts playing with the idea of the flapper and all the soft and romantic movements that time of femininity bore.

Complexity, grace, vivaciousness. All these traits of a woman: hard to put into words, harder still to make it tangible, and yet Jitrois does it with the effortlessness of a fashion master, creating a marriage between wearable fashion and true couture expression.

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