15 jewellery pieces to make you look like a fierce jungle queen

The fantasy shipwrecked island babe is pretty far removed from any reality, let’s face it. If I washed up on shore after some disaster I’d be frantic, distraught, disheveled but in the least sexy way possible. Maybe even violently ill. But no-one wants that vision because we’re talking fantasy here. We imagine we’d come to look like Raquel Welch in One Million Years BC, or Sheena the Jungle Queen – all big hair and sexy ragged animal pelts, crafting fierce accessories from animal tusks, carved bone and coconuts. I am woman, hear me roar.

That’s pretty much the fantasy world editorials like Vogue Paris’ latest are calling up, only not in so many words. They do it with a bare breasted Anja Rubik and designer primitive furs. They’re selling a fantasy and we’re buying, because the fantasy is so much better than the reality. If layering up on tribal tusk necklaces and hammered brass arm cuffs will make me look and/or feel like the sexy, salty-haired, shipwrecked-babe-turned-jungle-queen this spring then I’m in.

After the break: 15 jewellery pieces for indulging in the timeless jungle queen fantasy.

jungle queen jewellery
Above: Irish McCalla in the 1950s Sheena, Queen of the Jungle; Anja Rubik in Vogue Paris June/July 2013.

Goddess gold.

jungle queen jewellery

Clockwise from left:

  1. Yumeko Yumada feather arm cuff at Wolf & Badger.
  2. Mutrah Mora necklace at Wolf & Badger.
  3. Shaun Leane gold hook earrings at FarFetch.com.
  4. Cheryl Dufault tusk necklace at FarFetch.com.
  5. Made For Orelia Coin & Tusk charm bracelet at Asos.com.
  6. Mutrah Manda bracelet at Wolf & Badger.
  7. Shaun Leane tusk bangle at FarFetch.com

Tribal silver.

silver jungle queen jewellery

Clockwise from left:

  1. Rebecca Minkoff long feather necklace at Shopbop.com.
  2. Rebeca Minkoff tribal bib necklace at Shopbop.com.
  3. Shaun Leane talon earrings at FarFetch.com.
  4. Just Acces Tight necklace at Asos.com.
  5. Lee Renee Tribal Egg Ring at Wolf & Badger.
  6. Just Acces Spice ring at Asos.com.
  7. Just Acces earrings at Asos.com.
  8. River Island Tribal Feather drop earrings at Asos.com.
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