Ksubi: sneak peak at 2012 collection

Giving us a sneak preview of their upcoming collection, Ksubi have released pictures of the first looks from their spring 2012 line, WAR. A modernised shake-up of ’90s grunge, the label has, as can only be expected of them, taken on rebellion, revival and notoriety.

ksubi sneak peak

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ksubi S/S '12
ksubi S/S '12
ksubi S/S '12

Now, born in 1991, I’m a ’90s girl, right? (I like to think that be the case anyway, refusing to accept the more likely realization that whilst Kate Moss was sporting heroin-chic, I was spewing baby-sick.) Alas, the notorious ’90s passed me by in oblivion of babygrows and bottle-milk, hence when there’s any talk of revival, I’m the first to throw away my sensibility and in search of the excitement.

Need I look no further, for Ksubi’s spring 2012 collection doles out of Nineties’ nostalgia with extra attitude built in. For a brand that’s gained its fair share of street-cred, this collection stomps all over its previous offerings. Centred by black and fused with faded denims, rebellion reigns with broken style rules as tartans clash with leopard print and marble meets plaid. Alongside patches and paneling, heavy zips dominate the detail, echoing youth styles of yore and encouraging self-customisation and interchangeable options by way of detaching, re-attaching and re-assembling. With an air of Alexander McQueen and aesthetics like that of Vivienne Westwood’s, this collection from Ksubi has luxury street appeal. Defining it specifically as “engineered luxury”, and talking of the collection as “tough but nonchalant”, loose and oversized pieces contrast slim, shrunken shapes. Tailoring gives a sharp, structural blazer whilst loose jersey makes for relaxed fit tees. From what we can see so far, staple pieces- tees and pants- make for easy wearing and interchangeable styling, whilst stand out pieces facilitate the more daring contemporary market.

We can’t wait to see more of the collection. Consider this a redefinition of Ksubi swagger.

You can see all the photos of preview of Ksubi’s spring / summer 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails above and browsing through the gallery.

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