Liz Black’s modern day Superheroine

Venezuelan-born, London-based designer Liz Black has been swept up in the comic book mania. Popular culture loves all things super-hero right now, and Black’s collection – titled Superheroine – knows it. But this collection isn’t a literal interpretation of any particular superheroine: there’s no gimmicks. But there is plenty of leather trim that might nod in Catwoman’s direction, plenty of bright colourblocking, and above all a focus on structured tailoring that simply sends the brain into a flurry of futurist imagery. Black’s philosophy of creating “wearable statement pieces with a timeless appeal” comes into full play here.

The most fitting thing about the title of Liz Black’s collection is the way the pieces hug the body in a rather functional yet flattering way. Without donning a skin-tight catsuit, perhaps this is the next best thing to getting around looking and feeling like a modern day superheroine.

View the full collection by Liz Black at the gallery above.