The handbag. Arguably a woman’s most personal accessory, and commencing on the 30th July, Louis Vuitton are planning on making the handbag that little bit more personal. The bespoke service will be nestled in the Haute Maroquinerie, a private salon in Louis Vuitton‘s Bond Street Maison in London. The unveiling of this one-of-a-kind bag service by the French fashion giant falls in line with the start of the Olympic games, giving us one more reason to travel to London this summer.

bespoke louis vuitton bags

Louis Vuitton’s bespoke handbag service ensures that, whilst flaneuring down the street, a duplicate of your bag will never be seen. And it does so through the rare opportunity to choose the style, colour, finish and leather of the piece. Naturally, given the size of the bespoke investment, Louis Vuitton has customization specialists on hand to provide customers with advice advise – with over 80,000 potential combinations, one might need a little help deciding!

lv bespoke

However, Louis Vuitton’s bespoke bag service is not a speedy one (pardon the pun), with it taking anywhere from six months to a year to create your unique piece. The designs will be sent to Asnieres, where Louis Vuitton’s famous luggage and limited edition show bags are produced, ensuring your creation is made with magic and sewn with the enchantment that surrounds the most coveted of LV bags. Nevertheless, the time and money invested in such a handbag will be a small price to pay for the perfect arm candy, designed by you, for you, made by one of the greatest fashion houses.

louis vuitton bespoke service

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