Andr Gyné, man and woman: Confezioni Crosby

It is a characteristic of fashion to always play with things that push the boundaries of society and of acceptable norms, in those things around us. Fashion is marvelous like this; it allows people to express themselves as they see fit, it creates a mixing of genres, it allows for the minimalist and the maximist to manifest themselves… there are not many things in the world that allow for this kind of diverse acceptance.

Confezioni Crosby’s winter 2012 collection speaks to this very purpose. The history of the collection is enlightening; an attempt to bring together the everyday drudges of daily work with the pleasures of daily life: transforming everyday American work wear into everyday clothing for women. Crosby worked in collaboration with New York based manufacturers of uniforms and traditional worker gear, in adding sincere touches of softness and elusive uses of material he translated the look into a feminine style.

This androgynous gender-crossing fashion makes use of soft fabrics, womanly details of embroidery and delicate buttons in a contrast with heavy-set footwear, practical blazers and boyish hats. The look book and clothing collection harnesses a playful British post-war impressionism, with astounding accuracy he captures the 60s trend that has inspired so many androgynous fashion risings today. The meaning of the clothing is transformed as it leaps between the visions of functionality, comfort and pure visual delight.

See for yourself by clicking on the thumbnails and viewing the whole gallery of Confezioni Crosby’s winter 2012 collection.