Matteo Molinari: tradition that defies convention

Part of Matteo Molinari’s strength is in bringing the unexpected – in the most subtle and wearable ways. Colour blocked ensembles are wearable for even the most fashion-daunted of males, but the twists are in the sudden layering of long-line silhouettes, and the finer crochet details. Italian-born Molinari blurs gender traditions by incorporating delicate hand-crochet onto men’s jacket collars and shirts. Wide-leg silhouettes surprise with their Japanese influences, swirling together with Molinari’s traditional craftsmanship.

The shapes of Molinari’s knitwear, too, take gentle swipes at the narrow-mindedness of modern convention: sleeves play with length and volume, sweaters are cropped, and a structured jackets and tie gets reinvented as knitwear.

If there’s a takeaway for any modern male, it’s in defying the mundane by way of traditionally-inspired – and yet uniquely applied – twists.

View the full spring 2013 look book from Matteo Molinari by clicking on the thumbnails.