The classic menswear wardrobe usually exists within a specific colour spectrum. Blues and navy, white, khaki, green and grey form the predominant range of colours in most cases and it can be difficult to break outside of that mould. It’s hard to find a comfortable place for salmon pink and green polka dots in clothing. So instead of wearing it on your sleeve, why not on your ankles instead? Socks are a quick, easy and inexpensive way to add that extra personality into your everyday outfits. You can add patterns and colours you never expected without the fear of going overboard. In between your polished oxfords and your no-break trousers lies that slim few centimetres of endless possibilities.

After the break, we choose a few pairs that can help you imbue some discreet boldness into your sock drawer. You’re braver than you think.

Statement socks for men

Statement socks for men

From left to right:

Uniqlo: The Japanese high street store have every colour of sock you can think of, so let go and grab some colours you wouldn’t normally wear like pink, orange and purple. For £2.50 each, why not. via Unqilo.

Happy Socks: A favourite for their creative patterns, look no further than Happy Socks. These socks are a playful mix of stripes and dots that might add a little charisma to a grey suit. via Asos.

Paul Smith: The English love their socks a bit quirky and Paul Smith is no exception. The hexagonal print offers a collection of colours in a neat little package. via House of Fraser.

Corgi: A striking combination of stripes are set upon a grey melange background for a preppy contrast. via Mr. Porter.

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