6 woolen ties for men

A tie is one of the most distinguished male accessories that add to the luxury and formality of any man’s attire. The style and the texture of a tie is unbounded, there is a constant renewal of the way in which they can be worn and what other items they suit best. They are an area of accessorizing that women have attempted to harness but still they remain the at the mercy of the men; different materials, diverse styles, unique patterns… ties should be utilized like any female accessory – to the maximum capacity!

Ties are one of the most malleable items to suit the changing seasons and ever-fluctuating bravuras of style. That’s why with this wintery season rolling in we bring you the crème of the crop in woolen ties. This antiquated style is a timeless additive to today’s clothing and wearable fashion – and also make for the ideal Christmas gift for the sartorially inclined male.

Mens woollen ties

Thom Browne plaid wool tie

There is a heavy emphasis of the weave, texture and patterns in this Tom Browne design. It is masterfully woven to bring out the intricate use of the grey, brown and white wool. The plaid pattern holds an air of regality and prestige, so in order to continue this feeling throughout the entire look pair it with a deep grey suit with white undershirt. To make a little more casual: lose the suit jacket. Find it at MrPorter.com.

thom browne grey plaid tie

The Tie Bar dark grey skinny tie with mango stripes

It is back to school basics with this schoolboy-esk 100% woolen tie from The Tie Bar. This skinny woolen tie is perfect to add a little fashionable flare to your outfits. And like with most things in fashion today – the skinnier the better! It’s a great way to add a little diversity to your look (and will set you apart from the rest) and can be worn in either a casual or formal setting. The beauty of this simple tie is that it adds to your look but it is not a glaringly bold statement that will make you seem pompous or overbearing. Find it at TheTieBar.com.

grey tie with orange stripe

Bespoken grey wool-felt tie

This tie is just too seamless for words, to be perfectly honest. It has a one-tone storm cloud grey all the way through, it has clear defined lines and a sharp cut, and is made from smooth wool felt. In other words the way it looks, the way it fits, the way it feels are all perfect. One faultless fit flowing into another to give you an immaculate and impeccable finish. The aptly named Bespoken tie was made exclusively for MrPorter.com and is available for your apparel completion. Play with colour blocking by pairing it with a white undershirt and navy blazer/pants combo. Simply perfect male tailoring. Find it at MrPorter.com.

bespoken grey wool felt tie

Mountain & Sackett Reade burgundy striped tie

This is woolen-silken combo that meets both of these material requirements to the tee. The style is classic: men around the world, generation after generation have ordained the renowned single bar diagonal stripe tie. This Reade Burgundy handmade tie is available from MountainAndSackett.com, providing the world with handmade ties since 1957, and consists of both Italian silk and soft wool. This herringbone woven style has been around through every fashion statement and every fleeting fad and still it lasts the test of time as something classic and tasteful. This is a tie that every man should own at least one of. Get it at mountainandsackett.com.

mountain sackett stripe burgundy tie

The Tie Bar cobalt blue dotted tie

If you are one for something a little funkier, but nothing that glances the borders of distasteful, this is the tie to suit your needs. It is simply different, without effort and without complication it will add colour and style to your next formal or casual occasion. Add it to a sky blue formal shirt and dark blue waste coat, all closed off with a deep black suit jacket and pants.

The Wool Dots Cobalt Blue tie from TheTieBar.com is made of 70% wool and 30% silk and is a genuine gem of handmade craftsmanship. Let this daring blue body and tangerine-orange combo tie transcend your outfit to that next level. Get it at TheTieBar.com.

cobalt blue tie

Mountain & Sackett Brodie red plaid tie

Mountain & Sackett gives you a tartan tie of delight with this Brodie Red Modern tie. True to its tartan style this neckpiece consists of 100% Scottish wool and has a spectacular piece of history attached to it – tales of family betrayal and burning buildings inspire the Scottish name behind this selection. Pair it with a crisp white shirt and a deep grey suit to create a clean and sophisticated complete look. Get it at mountainandsackett.com.

plaid wool tie

As a side note, while shopping for a tie – especially if you’re not a tie wearer yourself – you might find it handy to know more about how a tie is made including how to spot good quality construction. If so, follow that link. For more gift ideas, head to our Christmas gift guide.

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