Some say appearances are irrelevant, we say you get judged on first impressions; some say the days of dressing up are long gone, we say style is eternal and the way you dress often reflects the way you carry yourself in society, the way you talk, the very way you walk. Although few men would admit to it, confidence is many a time fed by fashion, the simple act of putting on something that feels and looks great reading tremendously in the way you act. Dressing sharp is power.

But so is knowledge. And sometimes, the only difference between an ordinary guy walking on the street unnoticed and a gentleman turning heads without even trying lies in the details.

After the break, 9 men’s style mistakes you might be making and how to fix them.

You’re not tailoring your suits for the right fit.

Don’t expect for things to fit right off the rack. This is one important aspect to consider when you’re shopping for a suit, but it’s equally relevant whether it’s jeans or a blazer that you’re purchasing off the shelves.

Do find a great alterations tailor and take everything you buy to him. You’ll find that the right fit, in everything you put on, makes a world of a difference.

mens style mistakes and how to fix them

You don’t pay attention to trouser length.

Don’t go on ignoring the signs that point towards a sloppy fit; trousers which puddle over your shoes, or hang around your ankles will never make for a sharp look.

Do pay attention to trouser length and get the hems turned up, or taken down, just enough for your pants to be grazing the top of your shoes.

mens style mistakes and how to fix them

You don’t match your shoes to your suit.

Don’t throw on a suit and any pair of shoes and expect the outfit to just read sharp. It takes having a little bit more than a closet full of impeccably tailored suits to get to rightfully represent the league of extraordinary dapper gentlemen.

Do learn how to match your shoes to your suit and do it regularly. Chances are that with the right footwear, your favorite suit will look twice as sharp, and you’ll feel it.

mens style mistakes and how to fix them

You over, or under accessorize.

Don’t dismiss the power of well-thought accessorizing, regardless of your aesthetic. Whether you like things basic, or rather eye-catching, aim for a perfect balance when it comes to your accessories. Don’t go without them, but don’t throw them on all at once either.

Do follow the simple rule of accessorizing that suggests you to “opt for no more than two wearable accessories and one carry-able accessory at a time”. For instance, a watch, a bracelet and a carry-all. Or a pair of sunglasses, a tie and a briefcase. Keep in mind that less is definitely more.

mens style mistakes and how to fix them

You don’t pick the right socks.

Don’t use your socks to detract from your look. If on show, the socks you pick should always be adding to your outfit of choice.

Do choose your socks wisely. Do play with print, pattern and colour. If you’re wearing a suit, make sure the socks are thin (silk or cotton) and long enough so that no bare ankle will be visible beneath the hem of your trousers. If you’re wearing dark colours, you can always opt for socks in a shade that complements some, or all of the elements building your look.

mens style mistakes and how to fix them

You try too hard.

Don’t try too hard because it shows. Few are the men who can actually pull off an extravagant look and do so effortlessly. For the rest, the struggle is visible. Exaggerated proportions, mismatched prints, crazy colours, impossible clashing of themes, if you’re doing it all for show, you’re doing it wrong.

Do take risks and do follow your instinct, do aim for originality and do break rules until you get to figure out your personal style. But do it only if it feels right, if it feels like you, if there’s nothing out there you’d rather be wearing. Have fun with fashion but stay true to yourself.

mens style mistakes and how to fix them

You dress like a billboard.

Don’t dress in all labels and expect people to appreciate it, particularly if your clothes become more logos than statement silhouettes. While there’s nothing wrong in loving a particular brand, make sure you’re wearing it for all the right reasons.

Do pick out your clothes based on that perfect fit, a favourite colour, a particular style that complements your aesthetic. Seek to appreciate the quality, the fabric, the craftsmanship, and use discretion as the way to build your signature look. A logo is a logo, a no matter how many you wear plastered on your clothes, they will never substitute good taste, nor create a personal style where there isn’t one.

mens style mistakes and how to fix them

You believe style is for others.

Don’t go on pretending style is for others, the likes of David Beckham or David Gandy perhaps, but not for you. Style is for any man who cares enough and it’s willing to put in the extra effort. Style isn’t measured in the number of suits you own, nor it has to do with classic, dapper silhouettes only.

Do invest the time and the money it takes to bring your wardrobe to where your ideals lie, and believe that your style is worthy to be put out there. Whether sporty or sophisticated, urban-cool or dark and edgy, own your aesthetic and let it inspire others.

mens style mistakes and how to fix them

You wear things that don’t flatter your body.

Don’t give up on yourself and on the whole notion of style by choosing only what feels easy and comfortable. Finding yourself has lots to do with getting out of your comfort zone, and fashion-wise things are no different. If your wardrobe is filled with ill-fitting, unflattering silhouettes that you’ve outgrown, perhaps it’s time to make a change.

Do trim your wardrobe on a regular basis and get rid of all of the things you don’t feel like wearing anymore. Alter your suits, pants, blazers and coats to fit to perfection. Invest in new, timeless staples to breath new life into your closet. Never settle for less than what looks extraordinary on you.

mens style mistakes and how to fix them

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