Minimale Animale: this year’s swimwear choices are made

Mesh fashion, and the lace and perforations that it entails, is perfect for summer. Particularly this summer. The finish to the cloth lending itself to the season’s heat and the liberalism it brings with it. Moreover, it lends itself to other trends of this season, amongst them the Olympically-timed sports fashion motif.

Los Angeles label Minimale Animale have picked up on this, releasing a 2012 swimwear collection that takes the best of the season’s swimwear trends and working through a heady dose of mesh.

And it’s the mesh that likely catches your eye. At least, it did ours. But if a mesh / sports swimsuit blend, as striking as it is, isn’t your thing then Minimale Animale have certainly continued to cater. In fact, so on-trend is the collection with its statement strapping and high-waisted cuts, that it’s hard to find any misses amongst a swimsuit collection of definite hits.

You can see all of Minimale Animale’s 2012 swimsuit and bikini collection by clicking on the thumbnails and browsing through the campaign.