Menswear to inspire your winter wardrobe

“When outfitted at Morris one actually looked like the Duke of Windsor at a garden party or Roger Moore’s The Saint.” So tells the story of Morris the “legendary men’s shop” which took up residence in central Stockhom from 1949 to the early 1970s. Well the latest collection form Morris Stockholm – the modern brand rather than an outfitters it takes its name from – could be described in much the same way. The fall 2012 look book takes you on a dreamy trip to somewhere that might be an English country manor some time in the early half of the 20th century. Where and when exactly doesn’t matter: it’s all about the mood.

Crested blazers have an aura of classic prep. Colours are autumnal, from burnt oranges and earthy browns to the midnight blue which takes the place of black. But if there’s one thing in particular to take inspiration from as you start to delve further into fall 2012 dressing its the smart and on-trend examples of layering.

From turtlenecks layered under scarves and classic two-button suit jackets, to layerings of shirts and ties under soft cable knits, there’s no shortage of looks to be inspired by as the weather turns.

Featuring Danny Beauchamp and Sam Way, the full look book from Morris Stockholm can be seen by clicking on the thumbnails.