Mulberry camera bag

It wasn’t that long ago that camera bags were amongst some of the ugliest accessories known to mankind. While the mid-20th century had offered up plenty in the way of aesthetically pleasing, leather camera bags, post-1990 it seemed that they became solely the domain of specialist equipment and were so ugly that scarcely anyone but professional cameramen and tourists were want to carry them.

So much has changed with the Internet, however. Now the front rows of every fashion week are filled with people packing DSLRs, their photos bound for umpteenth digital publications and a few Tumblr accounts along the way. Thus the  fashionable camera bag is hotly in demand, and English fashion house Mulberry have answered the call.

mulberry camera bag

Deviating from the standard camera bag, the Mulberry Postman’s Lock Camera bag is available in more colours than just black: you’ll find it’s also available in oak and deer brown. Its other details offer up something of a deviation to what your local camera store is offering as well. Crafted in a retro style that pays homage to 20th century camera bag designs, Mulberry’s camera bag is constructed of soft buffalo leather and features the fashion house’s trademark Postman lock and metallic hardware.

Its great looks aside, if it falls down anywhere the Mulberry camera bag suffers from a lack of internal compartments. As a camera bag its might internal pocket might suffice for camera cards, but it certainly won’t ever be securely carrying more than an extra lens and flash as some of the options for men that we’ve seen do. But such needs tend to be requirement of those people for whom a chic camera bag isn’t a requirement, and thus the Mulberry Postman’s Lock Camera bag remains firmly on our Christmas gift guide for the fashionably minded.

mulberry postman bag

The Mulberry camera bag is available from Net-A-Porter and Mulberry stores.

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