Who springs to mind when you think of style icons for the current generation of fashion-loving youths? Cara Delevingne? Rihanna? Any style blogger or model with 100k+ instagram followers?

Like it or not, Kate Moss is no longer that one holding that title. She is loved, she is iconic, she is mobbed in the street by photographers and fans (I should know, I nearly got trampled taking this shot after the Louis Vuitton show last season), and she is a defining part of fashion’s recent history. But does she still sell clothes?

Spring 2014 will tell, with the relaunch of the Kate Moss for Topshop line just announced today.

Kate Moss Topshop returns for spring 2014

Three and a half years after the last collection was created for TOPSHOP – Kate Moss is confirmed to return to the brand to deliver a new take on her style inspirations and unrivalled position as THE true British fashion icon.

The Kate Moss Collection for Spring Summer 14 will be sold globally via TOPSHOP stores in 40 countries including Australia. The collection is currently underway in the design process.

At the time, the Kate Moss for Topshop collaboration was huge, hyped, and very successful. It played perfectly to the fashion trends of the moment. And it capitalised on someone who was constantly in the public eye.

With Kate far less visible to the public now, it’s unlikely the latest Topshop foray will make such an impact. But then, an icon is an icon.

Are you exited for the spring Kate Moss range? Or have you been there, done that? Tell us your thoughts.

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