Maybe it has been years since you actually tried a new thing with your wardrobe, perhaps you’ve been wearing too much of the same thing, or going for pretty much the same colour over the past twelve months. For all one knows, you may need a fresh start or for something to change in your repertoire, cue the new year and the confetti to mark the greatest time to start planning your fashion resolutions.

You don’t have to make them too hard, too many or too unachievable, you’re just supposed to have fun with them all in trying to make your life easier, and in giving your wardrobe the chance to actually catch up with the person you grew to become over the past year.

Below, the 7 fashion resolutions to make this new years.

Invest in good basics.

They’re the first things to grab when you’re in a hurry, the greatest things to layer when the weather is not all that friendly, the perfect things to mix and match when you’re feeling uninspired, knowing you will look impeccable in any given scenario. Investing in good basics is like laying a solid foundation for you to keep building upon. Not to mention that great basics will help you transition in between day and night, in between cities and seasons as well.

fashion new years resolutions 2015

Be wary of fast fashion.

Make 2015 the year when you finally learn to exercise restraint, when you become more selective, resisting the big temptation that is fast-fashion. Nothing to do with overbuying but more with developing a strong personal style, fashion is never one to beg for an overcrowded closet. So think carefully about your next fast-fashion indulgences and learn to make your fast-fashion pieces last longer.

fashion new years resolutions 2015

Buy only figure-flattering pieces.

Dressing to flatter your figure is something you should always strive to perfect, the way using clothes to look slimmer is something you should definitely try in 2015. From concealing cuts, to silhouettes that flatter, learn what works best for you and make room for it to fit in your closet.

fashion new years resolutions 2015

Put an edge on your power colours.

If your wardrobe looks all over the place but you love it to pieces anyway, try tying it all together with the perfect colour scheme. In 2015 see what shades prevail in your closet, pick your favourite 4 or 5, and buy as much as possible with that mindset for the entire wardrobe to gain a nice cohesive feel.

fashion new years resolutions 2015

Save to invest in timeless classics.

Sometimes spending less is a good thing, and what makes it possible is setting your mind on reaching a feasible goal. This new years make that goal a timeless classic, perhaps that perfect beg you’ve been craving for what feels like forever, or that gorgeous pair of heels you’ve been dreaming of, maybe a luxe coat or a pair of designer sunnies. Whatever the case, just think that it is way better to invest than misspend.

fashion new years resolutions 2015

Try one new thing with your wardrobe.

We’ve all been there, finding that one style that feels utter-comfortable and easy, and sticking to it no matter how boring things get. Perhaps now is a good time to plan on trying at least one new thing with your wardrobe in 2015. Nothing too complicated, in fact it can be something as simple as adding a new element to your look, think in terms of an embellished piece, a statement pair of heels, or a one-of-a-kind silhouette.

fashion new years resolutions 2015

Edit your closet on a regular basis.

It’s been long ever since we’ve said that less is more, and that a curated wardrobe is in fact the new luxury. Becoming a curator, however, not only takes effort it takes practice. So do plan on starting to edit your closet on a regular basis. Cut down the clutter, donate whatever it is your not wearing, resell your unwanted pieces and simplify, simplify, simplify.

fashion new years resolutions 2015

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