Gender, humour and Niels Peeraer accessories

It’s likely that you’ve skipped your dosage of hackneyed Internet culture over the past fortnight if you haven’t encountered Liu Xianping. For those who need a refresher on Xianping, he’s the 72 year old cross-dressing gent with Yoda good looks and a penchant for modelling the clothes sold through his granddaughter’s online store. That descriptor makes Xianping sound only slightly better than listening to Rebecca Black without ear muffs but, really, he’s not that bad. In fact, he’s quite adorable in his own right.

Cross dressing men, even of the 7-decade plus vintage, are nothing new to fashion even if we’ve come to expect gender-bending to come more in the guise of the Andrej Pejic variety of late. But does the concept of cross dressing translate less well into fashion ad campaigns when the sexual ambiguity is gone and there’s no humour to be found?

That’s what you might be asking yourself after browsing through Niels Peeraer Accessories’ spring 2013 look book. Here there’s an aesthetic to the accessories that will appeal to fans of Fleet Ilya. But where Fleet Ilya’s marketing message is (successfully) associated with a potent mix of sexualised visuals, Niels Peeraer’s goes the other way opting to blur gender rolls without any obvious humour in sight.

You can see the full look book for yourself, admittedly with some frames a bit overstuff with accessories, by clicking on the thumbnails and browsing through the gallery. If the gender doesn’t appeal, Niels Peeraer Accessories’s leatherwork certainly will.