There are a few out there that believe we can extend ourselves through fashion, that we have the ability to represent our personalities through our clothing, jewellery and accessories. This notion is, of course, instrumented by the fashion that is produced. There are those items that are mass-produced, they have their orthodox appeal (which is set by the trend of the time) and they are enjoyed as a simple piece, which probably looks good, but holds little value to the individual wear.

What I am talking about is the distinction in fashion; the ability to find those pieces that appeal to you. The individual you.

With that in mind, here are 6 quirky clutches, each that appeals to a different, whimsical persona. View them all after the break.

For the Game Changer: Charlotte Olympia Domino Clutch

The ability to make a statement does not come easy to many but with this Domino Clutch from Charlotte Olympia it is an easily achievable goal. This nighttime glamour clutch is the perfect statement for anyone who likes to live and dress a little differently. The clutch in itself is the single entity that can change your look from something regular to something inspired. With the finishing touches of black Swarovski crystals and the visually graphic exterior it is easily paired with your best LBD or LRD (little red dress) even to create a unique look that is true to you.

charoltte olympia domino clutch

For the Pop Culturist: 3.1 phillip lim Pop Art / Lichtenstein clutch

Clutches have quickly become an accessory that is not simply meant to be worn during the evenings or at nightly functions. Their diversification in appearance has elevated them to daily wear too. And no clutch speaks more to this than the Pop Art inspired clutch from Phillip Lim. This simple zip pictorial clutch is the perfect day into night accessory that expresses a sense of unique eccentricity. The thick lines and bold use of colour make it the perfect accessory when applying your colour blocking technique in an outfit.

3.1 phillip lim Pop Art clutch

For the Vintage Inquirer: Moschino Cheap & Chic Vanity Box

A lady with elegance, with poise, with Audrey Hepburn’s sense of style and Marilyn Monroe’s sense of elusion, this embodies the owner of the Vanity Box clutch. This box clutch from Moschino holds a cheeky balance between mischievous and feminine, as though it hides something that is just that little bit naughty. The petit handle adds to the ladylike impression and sets the wearer apart as someone with distinctive sophistication. A 1950s/60s-inspired look that never goes unnoticed, day or night.

Moschino Cheap & Chic Vanity Box clutch

For the Urbanite: Lulu Guinness London Taxi Cab

Nothing stands out better on an evening out than a clever and amusing accessory. This London Taxi clutch from Lulu Guinness isn’t brash with its presence, but neither is it lost in the throngs of regular attire. The iconic cab illustration of black and white (and hints of yellow) will work perfectly with any party outfit, and if you are looking to casualize it that little bit more; attach the body strap and wear it across your chest. The versatility and adaptability speaks directly to the urban woman, who can flow and change with whatever is thrown her way.

Lulu Guinness London Taxi Cab clutch

For the Culturally Attuned: Charlotte Olympia Baboushka clutch

This masterful piece of fashion speaks for itself; the detail to colour and texture, the importance of the fine applique leather and exquisite embroidery intention all add to create a clutch that is beautiful, distinctive and unusual. The variety in colour means that it is easily added to any outfit of your choice, and the individuality in its design makes it day and night appropriate. A cultural aspect comes forth in both the illustration (the traditional Russian Baboushka doll) and the creative and ethnic use of colour. This Charlotte Olympia clutch is just one of those accessories that will change every outfit you were it with, owing to its eye-catching detail and undeniably unique design.

Charlotte Olympia Baboushka clutch

For the Pleasure Seeker: Olympia Le-Tan La Dolce Vita clutch

“The sweet life.” Could not have put it better myself. This soft leather clutch with mouve cotton-twill carries the motto of the masses: La Dolce Vita. This Italian saying implies a life full of pleasure and indulgence, it is for the woman who does not simply wish to clothe herself, but rather she seeks to find pleasure in her stylings, and pass it on to those around her. This clutch from Olympia Le-Tan is playful, yet refined, the iconic picture drawn from the film of the same name has a sweetness to it, while the colours add a classical edge. This clutch is definitely meant to be twisted around the wrist of the desirable indulgent.

Olympia Le-Tan La Dolce Vita clutch

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