The pocket square is a small accessory that when added to an outfit allows men to express themselves and vary their look without having to buy a legion of different suits. It can add a bit of interest to your appearance without it looking like you’re trying too hard. Suits without pocket squares are called “naked suits.”

It has, however, become hard to be original when picking a pocket square: as these accessories come back in style, more and more people insist on wearing the same styles, over and over again. Plain, dotted, striped, in cotton or in silk, pocket squares are made to seem a bit flat, like a salad without dressing.

In order to try and bring some life back on our suits, here are 8 designs that will not only complement one’s suit, but will also make a statement and stand from the crowd in a busy monday morning train.

quirky pocket squares

The first 3 designs are handmade in France by Iwa Sart, whom creates everyday accessories with a twist for both men and women.

Pochette “Mon General”
Pocket square decorated with a linear array of ribbons to slide into the pocket and proudly wear as a general.

Pochette Mon General

Pochette “Medaillé”
Pocket square decorated with a silver medal with a blue ribbon, to slip into the pocket of your jacket.

Pochette pocket square with medal

Pochette “funny cross”
Iwa Sart pocket square decorated with a quirky red fabric cross to stand out across a room.

Pochette pocket square with red cross

Marwood mesh lace pocket square
The next pocket square is from Marwood, which was founded in 2010 by Becky French, to create products that ignite excitement from discovering something new and unusual, whilst maintaining a strong sense of tradition.

Crafted in England using woven British cotton-lace, this ecru piece will bring a textured accent to your next smart event.
It can also be found in black here.

Marwood Mesh Lace Pocket Square

Lady Amhearst pocket square
Our fifth pocket square is from Tinbox Studios, which specialises mostly in vintage jewellery, but also makes handmade accessories out of feathers in their US based studios.

This pocket square is constructed from authentic Lady Amherst feathers which are permanently held in place.

Lady Amhearst (Pocket Square)

Mens Pocket Square: The World Is Not Enough Grey
Our sixth pocket square comes from a boutique named speaklouder, which concentrates mainly on creating ties and bow ties. They, however creat a few pocket squares “for any man looking to step his sartorial game up.”

These are handmade and 100% Cotton.

Map pocket square

Skull Pocket Square for Cool Guys
The next to last pocket square in this “unusual collection” is for ‘cool’ guys only. From’s SnottyBrat boutique, which makes some seriously awesome pocket squares, this should add a touch of good ol’ English excentricity to any outfits. Should you not love the skull design, the creators also puts gnomes, anchors, guitars, Art Deco flourishes and much more on their products.

skull pocket square

Denim pocket square
Finally, the last pocket square of this collection comes from “The Tie Bar”, and due to its denim-like fabric, is better suited for a blazer than for a suit. It has the advantage of being chic whilst remaining casual enough to be worn with one’s everyday clothes.

Should you prefer a darker colour, the brand Hill-side does a great denim-like pocket square, which can be found here.

denim pocket square

This collection is a proof that one can make a statement whilst remaining chic. It is, however, by no way exhaustive, and should you know of more unusual pocket squares, do no hesitate to comment via Twitter @fashionising so a new, more complete collection can be made.

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