It’s pretty much safe to assume that a man appreciates the essence of a classic piece of jewellery just as much as the next person. Impressing a guy with an exquisite accessory is an action that doesn’t require scientific knowledge, in fact it becomes quite uncomplicated once you figure out that ideal balance between timeless and edgy, subtle and cool. The classic modern guy will be drawn towards simplicity, meaningful details and iconic shapes in a ring, and if the piece of jewellery will carry its own story, all the better.

In the end, a marvelous present resumes to those intriguing particularities that are able to catch both the eyes, and the untamed spirit. Gifting a ring must feel natural, thoughtful and above all, effortless, so chasing uniqueness and originality in craftsmanship must be perceived as a priority. The priority to find a perfect match, for that perfect guy. Because this is how the unforgettable moments are created.

silver rings for men

Werkstatt : Munchen Double Ring

The exquisite Werkstatt : Munchen double ring carries the cutting-edge aesthetic that defines the work of German jewelry designer Klaus Lohmeyer. The silver concept blends the alchemical opulence with a flawless simplicity, making for the ultimate modern accessory for guys who appreciate elegance and a timeless feel in their jewelry.

The Werkstatt : Munchen Double Ring

mens double ring

Smith/Grey Silver Signet Ring

You can’t go wrong with silver. Especially in a ring that mixes a subtle sense of sophistication with the best elements featured in a dark theme. Envisioned in the classic shape of a traditional signet ring, and infused with an Ivy Noir letter and number combination, this luxurious piece of jewelry is unique, rough and definitely reads masculine.

Smith/Grey Silver Signet Ring

mens signet ring

Pyrrha Gryphon Head Wax Seal Ring

Handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada, this wax seal ring features a gryphon motif, playing upon the unusual characteristic of the mythical half lion, half eagle creature. Infused with an empowering story, this ring is supposed to represent bravery and strength. Each individual ring is cast in reclaimed sterling silver from the 19th century.

Pyrrha Gryphon Head Wax Seal Ring

mens wax seal ring

Goti Buckle Ring

It’s all about the intricate details in this beautifully hand-crafted piece of jewelry that features a complex wrap around buckle detail alongside the silver ring. Perfectly emphasizing the masculine edge, just slightly infused with a sense of feminine appeal, this ring speaks volumes about its unique qualities.

Goti Buckle Ring

mens buckle ring

Werkstatt : Munchen Two Ring Combination

For a double edgy effect, Werkstatt : Munchen created the ideal two ring combination for guys, featuring chunky block designs with subtle engravings. These polished jewelry items manage to capture the mere essence of Klaus Lohmeyer’s aesthetic, by being bold and unique, but never too overpowering.

Werkstatt : München Two Ring Combination

mens buckle ring

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