Sailors & pirates: jewellery that captures the adventures of the seas

Pirates aren’t exactly Robin Hoods, robbing the rich to feed the poor. But despite their ruthless reputation they’ve entered popular culture as a beloved character of childhood’s dressup box. Sailing the seas with a cutlass and pegleg is romanticized with the promise of danger, adventure and excitement. Don’t we all just love a good (or not so good) pirate?

Courtesy Pirates of the Carribean, the pirate also got reinvented as stylish; a handsome character oozing disheveled rockstar cool. It’s this vision of the ruthless robbers of the seas that Sonia Boyajian was inspired by for her spring 2013 jewellery collection titled Pirates & Sailors.

The ‘sailors’ theme takes shape in graphic red, white and blue hand-painted sailor stripe motifs, sailors knots and colorful Mokuba silk cords. On the flip side, the Captain Jack inspirations see sculpted gold hoop earrings, bracelets, chains and hair accessories worked alongside sterling silver fish-bone earrings and exotic silk turbans.

The kind of jewellery that takes you on your own sea-faring adventure, you can see more from Soni Boyajian (’s look book by clicking on the gallery.