Pin up pretty

There are plenty of ways to style vintage swimwear, but most that have crossed our desk have played heavily to a 40s / 50s vibe. They’re soft and cutesy, oft interpreting vintage as girly. Few have played to the other end of the spectrum: the bombshell. Few have tried to capture what it was that the likes of Brigitte Bardot gave to the 1960s and, in turn, the 1970s. But Shan have.

Their 2012 swimwear look book plays to the bombshell. At times she’s a modern one, but look past those photos and you’ll see the sex kitten seventies shining through. It’s there in the styling of a one piece with knee high boots, and there with a ruffle print bikini styled with thigh high boots. You’re never going to hit the beach like that, but in a blue, halter neck bikini with sex kitten hair flowing under a wide brimmed hat? It’s vintage swimwear as more should have done it.

You can see all of Shan‘s latest look book in the gallery above.