If you’re a man who appreciates quality, chances are you already treat your suits as serious style investments. But respecting and appreciating their importance in shaping-up your wardrobe is not enough, as a collection of good suits also begs to be properly managed, and treated with utmost care.

Prone to stretching, tearing and splitting, your everyday suits are made of delicate fibers, which means that it’s only with proper care that you’re most likely to ensure them a long life. And this is where the suit care basics come in handy.

Below, the 11 easy steps that will teach you how to properly care for your suit.

how to care for your mens suit

Give your suits a breather.

You may love your suits, and you may even feel like wearing your favorite tailored number on a daily bases, but in order to prolong their lives, you must give your suits a breather. This means you should have at least three good options sitting in your closet, ready to be rotated throughout the working week. The same advice is applicable to shoes and shirts.

Get the right size.

This advice might sound funny, but it acts however as a response to a real issue. Although buying a suit in the right size is the common thing to do, a lot of gentlemen still struggle in finding that absolute perfect fit. Needless to point out that wearing a too tight suit is likely to result in the cloth wearing thin, or even splitting. So the next time you decide to invest in a suit, do make sure the fit is flawless.

how to care for your suit

Invest in spare trousers.

The trousers are the first ones to wear out, so if you care about extending the life of your suit, investing in an extra pair of trousers may be the smart thing to do. One additional pair of pants per suit will give you plenty of opportunities to alternate your favorite ensembles.

Don’t overstuff your pockets.

Keys, phones, thick wallets, they’re all part of your everyday list of on-the go essentials, and stuffing them in both the internal, and external pockets of your suits may feel like the easiest way carry them around. But that doesn’t mean it’s the thing to do. For as much as you can, give up on the habit of overstuffing your pockets, if you want to avoid having the linings split, or the suit loosing its sharp shape.

Find a great tailor.

Sometimes even the greatest of suits need professional care, whether for minor splits, or size altering all together. Which makes it imperial to find a great tailor and stick with him. If you don’t already have a personal one, do try using the in-house tailoring services provided by the shops that sell you the suits.

how to care for your suit

Dry-clean sparingly.

It may feel like the natural thing to do: wear the suit, dry-clean the suit, but despite the good intentions, dry-cleaning your suits should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. In time, the chemicals are bound to damage the natural fibers, resulting in them weakening and breaking down. Dry-cleaning the suits sparingly means doing it once every six months.

Buy a good brush and a roller.

Seeing how dry-cleaning is not a weekly option, but rocking a clean suit at the office is mandatory, you may want to invest in a soft-bristled brush and a roller to remove dirt and lint off your suit after every wear. For small stains, spot clean with water and a soft towel.

Hang your suits properly.

No matter how tired you feel by the end of the work day, never, ever abandon your suit in a crumpled heap on the floor. Instead, invest in a proper wooden hanger with a wide-spread contoured shape to preserve the shape and drape of the suit. Make sure there’s plenty of room in the closet for the suit to hang and for the fabric to breath and dry.

how to take care of your suit

Steam, do not iron.

If you press your suit regularly, which you totally should, do it with a steam iron in order to open up the fibers and keep it crease free. Avoid using a regular iron on your suits seeing how prolonged and direct contact of an iron on the suit at a high temperature setting may totally damage the fabric and add an unwanted sheen to the material.

Store them with care.

Giving your suits are not seasonless, storing them properly is also of importance when trying to gift them with a long life. Before the end of each season, dry-clean the suits, have your trouser pockets emptied in order for the suit to conserve its shape, and store the suits in a suit bag. This will prevent lint and dust from settling on them.

Packing & traveling.

If you and your suits travel often, investing in a proper garment bag is highly recommended, especially if it’s one that’s breathable, easy to carry around and protects your suits.

If that turns out to be an impractical option, worry not. What you should do is turn the suit inside out, put the shoulders together, and roll it up, making sure that the seams and lapels are lined up as you fold.

how to take care of your suit

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