Swans in swimwear: Louise Amstrup gets surreal

The way surrealism challenges our minds is part of what makes it so captivating. It may be an image, it’s foundation in reality, spliced together with another reality to create an uncanny and dreamlike situation. As you look through Louise Amstrup’s spring 2013 look book it’s the surreal prints that draw the eye repeatedly, aways challenging you to make sense of the picture. But in these worlds where pin-up legs have no torsos to control them, and anthropomorphic chameleons and swans prance about in vintage swimwear, you never quite can. Your mind just gets drawn into the dreamscape and suspended there, mesmerised.

Amstrup cites two main inspirations for the playful, surreal references in the collection: the dreamlike cinemascape of Fellini’s 1965 film Juliet of Spirits and the collage work of artist Aleksandr Rodchenko. The sporty shapes and plays on volume compliment the bizarre prints of the collection, the cleanness nodding at Amstrup’s Danish heritge, the modernness placing the whole series of looks right on trend in an ultimately fresh and unique way.

Amstrup’s surreal pieces are the kind that make a statement, but it’s the kind of statement you can make over and over again. Worth viewing in full, you can check out all of Louise Amstrup spring 2013 by clicking on the thumbnails.