The appeal is crystal clear: Kitty Grace

What does it mean to be like crystal? Perhaps multifaceted; clear; cherished but not precious. In the case of Kitty Grace’s spring 2012 collection the title She’s Like Crystal is likely a more literal meaning tied to the kaleidoscope of crystal prints. But while I may be reading faces into the proverbial clouds here, you can still apply those definitions to the unfussy and versatile beauty of the collection’s pieces.

And if there’s one thing that ensures there’s never a dull moment it’s the visually delectable colour palette. Cobalt, sapphire, coral and emerald hit the perfect jewel tones, grounded by softer peach, taupe, and terracotta. Everything here speaks to the sun and demands confidence – if not a lean, toned body – to make it shine its brightest.

Kitty Grace’s swimwear pieces are equally worthy of attention as the sculptured and draped minidresses: they’re the kind that cling and then cut away, sometimes made eyecatching by way of off-shoulder cuts, sometimes with strappy details or digital prints. And despite the slick, body-conscious cuts of the bikinis there’s always the compensation offered up by high-waisted bottoms.

A strong collection from the Perth-based designer, you can view more from Kitty Grace‘s spring 2012 collection – in store in September – at the gallery above.