To this day, my mother tells me to wear my helmet when I am riding my bike. And truth be told, I probably should, given my accident-prone biking behavior. I have ungracefully fallen off my bike countless times and actually had a helmet save my life, shattering to pieces in the 7th grade.

And yet here I am, a self-proclaimed adult out of my school years and into a career, and I still refuse to wear a helmet. If I were to tell the truth, (which I am about to) the main reason why I don’t wear a helmet is pure vanity. I don’t like how they look, nor do I have the type of hair to withstand a hat, let along a helmet. The length I will go to preserve an outfit is borderline extreme – I’ve learned to bike in 4-inch heels, so why would I ever add such a bulky and garish accessory as a helmet?

There have been countless times that my husband and I have noted the top-heavy folks in the bike lane and mused about the idea of an invisible bike helmet. Apparently, we weren’t alone. And apparently some people actually did something about it.

Hovding invisible helmet

Taking its cue from the concept of car airbags, the Hövding bike helmet consists of a folded up airbag that is concealed in a collar worn around the neck. The high design is simple and blends in with what you are wearing – in fact, there is an outside layer that you can change to complement your ensemble.

Should you crash or fall, sensors are triggered to pick up and respond to the abnormal movements that correspond an accident and the airbag inflates, creating a cushioned helmet that actually covers more head space than a classic helmet. In fact, the inflated airbag is actually more attractive than a standard helmet by a long shot, resembling a quilted motorcycle helmet. Created by two women, the d demonstrates a technical prowess that is a groundbreaking testament to the symbiotic intersection of technology and fashion.

hovding invisible helmet

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