Tom Ford’s take on men’s spring 2012

European cool with English sensibilities are the hallmarks of Tom Ford’s spring 2012 men’s collection. It’s collection whose look book and campaign imagery delivers what you’d expect: highlights of youth, sexuality and subtle decadence. But this is a Tom Ford collection that you can describe as directional, as the evolution of men’s suiting comes into play.

Look over the men’s collection and you’ll see it’s a story woven through three looks. There’s the casual daywear, the casual tailoring, and the informal and semi-formal tailoring. The casual is spun through Tom Ford’s 1970s worldview: there are the shorts tailored higher than what most men allow themselves to don, the  ‘70s safari‘ elements, and the overarching European aesthetics that leave Ford’s casual pieces awash with summer whites topped off with summer brights. The casual tailoring continues the theme as colours move through a spectrum of white to midnight blues.

But it’s in the semi-formal and informal tailoring that Tom Ford’s men’s direction is to be found. Here,  where trousers are concerned, Ford abandons the wholly slim tailoring that his name evokes images of and instead plays to the on-trend relaxed tailoring. Thus it’s tailoring of contrasts, with structured shoulders and slim cut tops making way for pleated and wide legged bottoms.

You can see the look book for Tom Ford’s spring 2012 men’s collection by clicking on the thumbnails and browsing through the gallery.