Out of sight, out of mind. Nothing rings truer when it comes to a modern wardrobe that holds anything and everything, but never quite exactly what you’re looking for. If the inside of your closet is all chaos and clutter, little does it matter that it holds the bag you worked so hard to get, or all those sartorial numbers you invested in, because in the morning you’ll likely still struggle to put together a polished outfit.

What it takes is owning a clean, organized, straightened out closet space for you to be able to really maximize all of your stylish purchases.

Clothes to shoes and accessories, here are 10 super-simple tricks for organizing your wardrobe.

simple tricks for organising your wardrobe


Key to making room in your closet and keeping things functional, the process of decluttering might not come easy but it’s highly recommended. Toss or donate everything you haven’t worn in awhile, as well as everything that’s several sizes too small, or too big.

how to organize your wardrobe

Arrange Clothes by Color, Light to Dark.

Ordering your wardrobe by colour makes finding things easier.You can go from light hues to dark, solids to prints. However efficient, this system doesn’t work for everyone. In which case, remember to always arrange your clothes in the way that makes most sense to you.

how to organize your closet

Combine Storage Units to Fit Your Different Needs.

A wardrobe’s best quality is its functionality, it being able to cater to your needs and hold everything just the way you want it. So pay less attention to appearance and do combine storage units that fit your needs: drawers, shelves, hangers, boxes, baskets, etc.

how to organize your wardrobe

Use Coordinated Hangers for a Clean Look.

A collection of good-quality matching hangers aims towards taming the chaotic look that closets often develop, it makes for a clean look, and helps you stay organized as it keeps every article of clothing at the same level.

how to organize your wardrobe

Store Accessories in Clear Plastic Drawers.

Rolled scarves, lingerie, sunglasses, your favorite necklaces and bracelets, they can all be neatly compartmentalized in clear plastic drawers. Finding what you’re looking for once they’re all organized and stored away will become infinitely easier.

how to organize your wardrobe

Store Out-of-Season Clothes in Boxes.

It’s always nice to be able to keep all of your clothes stored in just one place but if your wardrobe doesn’t allow the space, do make more room in your closet by storing out-of-season clothes in boxes up high, or below.

how to organize your wardrobe

Make Use of Plates and Label Makers.

The ultimate closet organization requires going the extra mile and that often means employing plates and label makers to carefully plaster throughout your wardrobe. Aside from helping things stay neatly organized, they will also be building a feel of cohesiveness.

how to organize your wardrobe

Categorize Clothing.

If colour coding your wardrobe doesn’t work for you, you can always choose to categorize it. Group your closet items into categories such as jeans, casual shirts, work tops, dresses and skirts, shorts, sweaters etc. You’ll likely notice your outfits will come together a lot easier.

how to organize your wardrobe

Don’t Line Up Your Shoes in a Straight Line.

Instead, choose to flip one pair backwards and you’ll manage to fit more of your favourite footwear on the shelves.

how to organize your closet

Make use of empty wall or door space.

Empty sections of wall can help take some of the load off of your wardrobe. Whether you decide to use them for hooks, shelves or dress them up with a hanging bar, know they make for perfect storage spaces, particularly for your most worn items and accessories.

how to organize your closet

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