Weddings can be made into countless fantasies, and just as the love stories they are so dreamily crowning, they should always emerge feeling unique, diverse and totally special. Of course, there’s no wrongdoing in choosing a traditional path, but if you aim for the extraordinary, and a wedding made out of wow moments, going beyond convention is somewhat imperative.

Below, 11 unconventional yet totally beautiful wedding styling ideas to inspire you in creating your own, custom-made fairytale.

A different colour to white.

White may as well be the symbol of all things pure, light and ethereal, but wedding gowns can look just as whimsical when cast in shades of baby blue, faded pink or blush, so dare wear the dress that speaks of your own soul:

Unconventional wedding styling ideas

An undone up-do to polished chignons.

In the attempt to create that one perfect fantasy, a lot of things aim towards absolute flawlessness, but know there’s infinite beauty hiding in simplicity. If you dream of a look that’s both enchanting and natural, do try an undone up-do instead of the classic, polished chignon:

Unconventional wedding styling ideas

A lacy twin set instead of a dress.

Crop tops have started to slowly make their way into the bridal world, and good thing they did. Paired to a matching skirt with a high-waist, and kept effortless in styling, a lacy twin set of this kind can replace the traditional dress at any given moment:

Unconventional wedding styling ideas

An effortless bohemian look instead of the classic.

Traditional brides are all kinds of beautiful, but there’s something about the ease and effortlessness describing a bohemian bridal look that can change even the most stubborn of hearts. All the more when it is topped off with bare feet and marvelous flowers:

Unconventional wedding styled ideas

A veil with fresh flowers.

A veil with fresh flowers: even the sound of it is dreamy and impossibly romantic, so try imagining the actual piece of fabric sprinkled with perfect blooms concluding a real-life fantasy. It doesn’t get dreamier than this:

Unconventional wedding styling ideas

A bridal jumpsuit instead of a gown.

A jumpsuit that’s perfectly feminine and glamorous, or a tailored white suit that’s flawlessly cut, can also take the place of the traditional gown, without stealing away from the romance of a wedding:

Unconventional wedding styling ideas

A hat + a veil + flowers.

By topping your floor sweeping veil with a matching white hat and a sprinkle of fresh (or dried flowers), what you achieve is that ultimate bridal look that speaks of all things unconventional and out of the ordinary, yet insanely beautiful:

Unconventional wedding styling ideas

A shorter hem length.

While floor-sweeping gowns may be a dream, they’re just not everyone’s cup of tea, that’s why a shorter hem length on a bridal dress works just as beautifully:

Unconventional wedding styling ideas

A pretty headband instead of a veil.

Pretty headbands make for beautiful statements, particularly on wedding days, when worn by gorgeous brides that wish to replace the traditional veil with something equally romantic:

Unconventional wedding styling ideas

A pair of boots and a choker against a feminine dress.

If you love contrast and your aesthetic bears a distinct edge, there’s no reason to give up on them on your wedding day, not when a pair of boots and a choker can create such a strange and wonderful bridal look when juxtaposed against a delicately embroidered dress:

Unconventional wedding styling ideas

A neo-bohemian necklace to be worn at the back.

Perfect when it comes to infusing your bridal look with personality, a neo-bohemian necklace worn at the back and complementing a backless wedding gown, makes for the ultimate accessory choice for the unconventional bride:

Unconventional wedding styling ideas

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