Two things spring to mind when I think about transparent raincoats: the 1960s, and the future dystopian world of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. The latter is plagued by incessant rain (kind of like London now that I think about it), but the more exciting link between the cinematic universe and the real one is that the transparent trench exists in both. In fact, between mod and sci-fi, the past and the future seep into our world in the form of a garment that never fails to feel anything but simultaneously classic and modern.

Clear plastic garments and accessories have been popping up here and there over all the years that has existed, but only so much recently as to finally be dubbed a trend of sorts. On the 2013 runways designers dabbled: a perspex clutch here, a PVC raincoat there… but none of the big fashion houses dove into the idea with all conviction, none made themselves sovereign over all-things-transparent-and-waterproof. That title, unequivocally, belongs to Wanda Nylon. Wanda Nylon have filled the gap.

wanda nylon hats

Now before my writing becomes a stream of incoherent babble as I try and decide which of the brand’s pieces to describe first (the adorable hats? the elegant Agnelle tortoiseshell gloves? the chic wet weather coats?) I should just break it down to I’d buy them all. Some of the pieces may not look like much in the photos but it’s just one of those brands: each one feels much finer and more elegant to touch than a photo can convey.

wanda nylon

As you can see from the look book (view the full Wanda Nylon fall 2013 look book here) it’s not all transparent, either. The fall collection proposes combinations of material like wool+vinyl and felt+PVC, making for clean and classic garments with a shiny twist. There’s also a weatherproof version of pretty much any key outerwear style you can think of: a vinyl biker jacket with a flocked velvet collar, vinyl aviator with lambskin trim, a see-through polyurethane tortoise-print caban – even a shiny black vinyl trench that teleports you into the center of a film noir mystery whether you ask it to or not.

wanda nylon biker

For a brand to dedicate themselves to wet weather gear – high fashion wet weather gear at that – may seem risky. But then there’s that whole thing about doing one thing only and doing it well. Wanda Nylon’s founders Johanna Senyk and Peter Hornstein get it. This is couture craftsmanship, high tech fabrication, elegant design, and a view to continuing evolution. There are raincoats and there are raincoats. If you’ve read this far, I don’t need to tell you that Wanda Nylon make the latter. If you have one, you certainly won’t want to save it for a rainy day.

wanda nylon clear cape
Wanda Nylon clear cape available at

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