I hate bulky wallets. Not the least because I don’t understand why a person needs access to every card they own every moment of their life – can’t we all just carry the cards we need for the day ahead? I also hate bulky wallets because they can ruin a look. When a gent pops a bulky wallet into the breast pocket of his suit he suddenly seems to grow a singular man-boob. Pop the same bulk into a pair of pants and if his arse doesn’t look silly, the way his trousers pull at the front just might.

That’s not to be pedantic, it’s to be particular. A preference for a small wallet that doesn’t alter an outfit’s look, but also serves to enhance it, is paying attention to the details. Men’s style is all about the details.

And here’s my latest. My current, perfect wallet – a minimalist card holder from Want Les Essentiels that serves best as a slimline wallet.

want les essentiels card holder

Holding two cards and with space for a stack of business cards (or more credit cards if you’re so inclined), it’s undoubtedly a perfect wallet for me. Slim. Precise. Detailed. It has room for what I need for a day, while all those other things that add heft to a wallet have been sliced away with minimalistic zeal.

That includes the wallet’s bank note section. Wallets this small tend to do away with room for bank notes altogether. Want Les Essentiels solves that with a money clip that can be removed from the wallet. Perfection.

And as for room for coins? Who cares? I’m loath to carry coins, now more than ever I don’t have to.

want les essentiels card holder

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