5 ways to wear: peplums

We’ve already looked at peplums as a trend, along with some key dos and don’ts for wearing them.

Now its your turn to choose wisely: from tops to dresses to swimsuits, here are the top five varieties of peplums you can wrap around your waist this season.

ways to wear peplums

Peplum blazers

A peplum blazer is a slick and structured way to introduce this trend to your wardrobe, especially since it’s got the advantage to be pushed into the winter wardrobe. A peplum blazer works very differently on the body, when compared to a peplum top. It gives an instant geometric shape to an ensemble when worn over a regular outfit. It’s not the peplum, however, that does the trick, but it’s the original silhouette of the blazer and jacket that gives an architectural shape to the shoulders and waist.

peplum blazers

  1. Acne cotton-blend peplum jacket, available at net-a-porter.com
  2. Alexander McQueen folded-front leather jacket, available at net-a-porter.com

Peplum tops

This style is possibly the most versatile way to incorporate a peplum in the wardrobe. While you could style a peplum top with various bottoms, wearing it with a pencil skirt would work cleverly to camouflage the appearance of a slight stomach bulge (if it exists, that is). You wouldn’t have to hold your stomach in, as a peplum would sit just over the top of your high-waisted skirt.

However, if you’re wearing a peplum top with pants or shorts, you can draw attention away from the waist by looking for pieces where the peplum starts from above your belly button. Low-sitting peplums emphasise the waist and direct the entire silhouette of the mid-section.

peplum tops

  1. Nina Ricci floral silk top, available at net-a-porter.com
  2. ASOS net-detailed peplum top, available at asos.com

Peplum dresses

For this style, be aware of the kind of peplum you choose on the dress. The potential problem with a peplum dress is that it sits on a very close line for being mistaken for a frilly decorative drapery seen on curtains and bed sheets. A peplum dress must be structured, streamlined and flattering to your body type. If the peplum is too large or ambitious in its shape, it can look too costumey and comical.

Subtle accents of fabric on either sides of the waist also qualify for being a variation in the peplum dress.

Remember the rule of thumb: don’t look for obviously structured peplum dresses that would cut your body in two horizontal halves. Slight drapes, overlapping and tapering of fabrics around the waist are also cousins of the peplum family.

peplum dresses

  1. Aqua structured mini dress, available at asos.com
  2. Stella McCartney jersey peplum dress, available at net-a-porter.com

Peplum skirts

The peplum skirt creates the illusion of perfect symmetry on the body. The fabric overlaying the hips makes them seem proportionate to the shoulders. Let the peplum skirt take centre stage in your wardrobe by styling it with a plain singlet.

Be mindful, once again, of your body type when picking this style for the coming season. If you have a larger bottom, a peplum skirt wouldn’t be a wise choice for you and you should opt for the peplum top instead.

peplum skirts

  1. ASOS peplum skirt, available at asos.com
  2. Ellery Apron peplum skirt, available at shopbop.com

Peplum swimsuits

Bordering between ruffles and peplums, this style is super girly and fun for the beach season. There isn’t much to conceal or hide here, as the peplum would just act as a mere accessory on the bikini bottoms.

However, the lime green H&M one-piece swimsuit is seen with a frilled hip and frills bordering the cups, as opposed to the waist. This style could act as a great delusion for women with smaller breasts. Use it to your advantage!

peplum swimsuits

  1. Marc by Marc Jacobs tie halter bikini, available at neimanmarcus.com
  2. H&M bandeau-style swimsuit, available at hm.com
  3. River Island seersucker frill bikini, available at asos.com
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