6 jewellery styles and what they say about you.

They’re the bits and bobs at a ready to reveal all facets of your personality, the statements both big and subtle always there to speak about you without you even noticing, they’re extensions of your beliefs, marks of your aesthetic, little shreds peering from inside your world.

We’re talking jewellery, of course, classic to on-trend, minimal to bold and sparkly, free-spirited to ethnic, all kinds, all beautiful, all willing to disclose your true nature. Learn what your jewellery says about you, right after the break.

what your jewelry says about you

The world traveller.

Adventurous, fearless, curious at all times, you’re the untamed spirit who loves to switch up the decor, you’re open-mined and intuitive, and likely to have a big appreciation for culture and history. You’re independent and your style is a perfect reflection of your colorful personality. You love to match the boldest of prints to ethnic and tribal adornments, each with their own style, soul, and history.

Whats your jewellery personality
All photos via Pinterest.com.

The feminine darling.

You flaunt your femininity and adore all things pretty and girlie, you love life, just like you love to sparkle and shine at all times. You’re most likely a show-stopper, fierce, assured, never afraid to become the center of attention. From vintage, to classic and modern, you can count on your jewellery to always be turning heads.

Whats your jewellery personality
Clockwise from left: Photos 1 & 2 via Pinterest.com; Enlightened Warrior Ring at Free People.com; Photos 4, 5 & 6 via Pinterest.com.

The bohemian chick.

Free-spirited and unconventional, you’re the artistic type with a creative nature, you don’t believe in rules and that’s why your entire existence feels like one, big adventure. Your happy place is likely somewhere in the nature’s heart, you love the sea and you adore to walk with your feet bare. Whether it’s indie beaded and fringe, gold metals and stones, crystals or welded chains, your accessories are always one-of-a-kind.

Whats your jewellery personality
Moon Beam Choker at Free People.com; Photo via Pinterest; Light Above Light Below Ring at Free People.com; Photos 4, 5 & 6 via Pinterest.com.

The modern minimalist.

You’re confident and always on-the go, you’re not too fussy about your looks but you truly value the power of simplicity. Your style is clean, sleek and minimal, and your jewellery speaks to the same aesthetic. You’re after all things modern, yet uncomplicated, polished yet perfectly timeless.

Whats your jewellery personality
Sarah & Sebastian “Tenor” collection; Diamond Heart Lariat at Free People.com; Photo 3 via Pinterest.com; Mega Mix N Match Ring Set at Free People.com; Photo 5 via Pinterest.com.

The classy girl.

You’re grounded and you’re confident in your style, you value quality and your aesthetic is based on a refined palette. You are sentimental and romantic, and you appreciate the beauty in all things. Your jewelery collection spans from vintage to classic to iconic, with every piece a statement of elegance and polish.

Whats your jewellery personality
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The tough babe.

If you’re into chains, metals, leather and spikes, than you’re most definitely a nonconformist. You’re tough, edgy and adventurous, you love to experiment with both fashion and life, and you’re never afraid to cross the line. Effective statements, your jewelry pieces are equal parts powerful and chic.

Whats your jewellery personality
All photos via Pinterest.com.