Effortlessly sexy denim from Wrangler

Denim can be many things. It can be smart, it can most certainly be casual, and when it’s not being either of those you’ll likely find it loitering with intent, brushing up against bare skin and soaking up the curling smoke from a dangling cigarette, under the banner that reads sexy. Wrangler’s latest look book hints a little at smart and dabbles momentarily in the casual, but spends most of its time waving that sexy flag.

Ultra-short denim cut-offs are the kind that get along swimmingly with long, toned legs. Dark skinnies rise to just below the naval, while a light pair give off a 70s vibe for their colour that belies their skinny cut. The item that stands out as most unique, though, is the relaxed overall with a 70s wide leg that’s completed by a surprise gathered halter-neck at the top. This is sexy denim of a more relaxed kind.

For more of Wrangler’s denim offering for spring 2011 click on the thumbnails.