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9 of the best sporty bombers for spring

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as indulging in a little sporty fashion as the spring / summer 2014 fashion trends really roll around. Comfortable, chic, cool and light, the sporty bomber is one element of the trend that will easily become every cool girl’s wardrobe staple. Options abound in everything from delicate sheer organza to micro-mesh, embroidery to bold prints. Here are 9 top picks…

The men’s bomber: how to wear it now

The bomber may be a menswear classic, but for winter 2013 it's the dark, heavy styles that win out - transitioning to the lighter blouson for spring. Take advantage of its clean shape and cropped length and make it a staple. Read on for the full report.

Top 10 men’s hooded coats
 for autumn 2013

Known for rising many challenges when it comes to a flawless style approach, fall is the season that forces you to combine fashion, comfort and practicality in order to build a perfect outfit that carries spark. The fall / winter 2013 fashion trends are all about making a statement and sometimes a great piece of outerwear saves you a great deal of trouble whenever creativity…

The varsity jacket: bringing it into spring 2013

Since 1865 when Harvard’s baseball team chose the embroidered lettermans as a symbol of exclusivity and distinction, the varsity jacket traveled a long way, embracing evolution alongside the many influences that in the end helped shape its now classic concept. By 1930, the wool jacket with leather sleeves borrowed the same signature lettering, becoming associated with the high school and college varsity teams. Channeling the…

Billy Reid’s Bond peacoat in Skyfall

We’ve been rounding up the items from James Bond’s latest wardrobe: the Tom Ford suit, the Crockett & Jones shoes, the Globe-Trotter case. But while a tuxedo or a bespoke rifle case may not be a staple of the average male wardrobe, a navy blue peacoat is. It’s one of those classic items that’ll get you through one winter and the next… and the next.…

Custom suit lining: any picture you want inside your jacket

What is it about beautiful, printed lining that makes such a difference to our love of a jacket? You might say it’s the very fact that it’s not meant to be seen, that it’s like a little secret to be kept to yourself; or that it shows that no detail is left unattended, and that everyone else gets a hint of that fact when a…

3 pieces for a subtle autumn

Not everyone wants to indulge in autumn's trends to Anna Dello Russo proportions. So if you're looking to pick up pieces that are on-trend and yet subtle enough to stand the test of time, you'd do well to check out the autumn 2012 range from French Connection. Here are 3 top picks to serve you for an elegantly understated autumn.

5 minutes with Daniel Dunko of Hancock

Thomas Hancock, in 1843, invented the vulcanisation of rubber using sulphur. That process, when applied to handmade, expertly cut and wonderfully coloured (think tennis green and honeysuckle red) garments is what forms the basis of Hancock, a new brand that specialises in creating raincoats. In the midst of Pitti, we sat down to talk to Daniel Dunko, founder and creator of Hancock about what it…

Burberry transparent cape should clearly be mine

Between the time I last waxed lyrical about clear plastic outerwear and now, nothing has really changed. Those visions of dystopian Blade Runner futures still tug at the edges of my mind with some positive Pavlovian response; yet for a quintessentially British brand like Burberry a clear cape has an entirely different association. It’s not about an ’80s interpretation of the future, it’s about a…
Burberry Weather Cape
Burberry Weather Cape
Burberry Weather Cape
Burberry Weather Cape