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Your bespoke Burberry trench coat awaits

Love Burberry I do. Own one of their trench coats I do not. Paradox? Not so much. Choice paralysis? Definitely. You see, I always encounter something of a conundrum when I enter a Burberry boutique: I either am faced with too much choice or a spate of bad luck. So it is that Burberry offer me up so many variations of their trench coats that…

Indulge: E Tautz pea coat

Whether it’s a man’s or a woman’s wardrobe you’re upgrading this coming season, autumn / fall 2011 is all about burnt colours. Colours a few shades darker than what they sound. Colours such as the “yellow” that makes up this E Tautz men’s pea coat.

Desiring: Jofama x Edwin aviator jacket

Collaborations often see the outlooks of two brands fuse together for a particular collection, and the Edwin x Jofama collaboration is certainly no different. An autumn / fall 2011 fashion offering, the Japanese and Swedish brands did more than fuse their own outlook into each piece, however. While the relaxed nature of Edwin is always apparent alongside the skilled leather work of Jofama, the real…

Dhini’s perfect spring trench

Crisp sunshine, vibrant blooms, playful wardrobe; spring is momentous for its art of seduction. As much as a trench coat is conceded as a best friend for winter, there’s no reason why it can’t slip through the warmer months. Especially when it circles around the core spring 2011 trends and gets a refreshing twist in its fabrication and cut. Dhini‘s spring 2011 collection features one…
Dhini S/S '11 Floating Trench
Dhini S/S '11 Floating Trench
Dhini S/S '11 Floating Trench
Dhini S/S '11 Floating Trench
Dhini S/S '11 Floating Trench

Burberry’s take on the sack suit

The sack suit may have been an interpretation of the fashionable men’s suit most heavily pushed by Ralph Lauren, but they’re not the only to experiment with the style. After all, loose fitting men’s clothing is a trend for the coming season. So it was that Burberry Prorsum’s chief creative director Christopher Bailey gave his own take on the cut in the fashion house’s autumn…

Desirous: Vivienne Westwood men’s blazer

Normally I’d question the sanity of a men’s three piece suit that isn’t, but for this Vivienne Westwood dark grey, wool suit I’ll make the exception. “Isn’t”, you see, is the key. For what appears to be a mix of blazer and waistcoat is in fact a single piece, the waist coat fused to the blazer to imply layering, and a mix of amber buttons…

Mulberry poacher: daily discovery

If you want a jacket that can be styled with a biker toughness or with a darkened sense of country elegance, then this cord-trimmed poacher by Mulberry is pretty spot-on. The hardware is rose gold and it’s made form soft black leather.