Coats & jackets.

Celine perfection

Phoebe Philo got elegant minimalism so right when she put her hand to Celine‘s SS10 collection. Like the refined biker styles we saw at Burberry Prorsum, Celine’s tan leather jacket has motorcycle-like details, but never crosses the line to the too-tough side.

Win: an effortless Qi knit

Qi have cosy-yet-chic nailed. If you thought comfortable and effortless couldn’t also be completely stylish than Qi will quickly prove otherwise. Qi’s Jedi Cable and Crochet Jacket is the kind of versatile piece that, once in your Winter wardrobe, is impossible to live without. You can wear it as outerwear. You can wear it fastened up as a knit dress. You can belt it in,…

Minus the bells and whistles

I love the simplicity of this cape. There are no fastenings; no adornments. Just a lightly structured shape with slits for arms. The rich camel colour makes it just right for right now, and it’s the kind of piece you could throw on over almost anything, be it for the office or casual day wear.

Ben Hill dons Burberry Prorsum

It’s looks like these that make me wish that the reign of men’s military fashion wasn’t coming to an end. But before 2011 fashion does dawn, Burberry Prorsum are giving it one last, great outing.

Isabel Marant Giovan jacket: daily discovery

The evolution of the biker jacket as a 2011 fashion trend is such that the traditional combination of black + leather is no longer the only option. Indeed, it’s other colours and fabrics that are on-trend right now, as ways to move the look forwards, soften it, expand it. Isabel Marant makes one in a gray wool-blend. It’s sophisticated, but still with the biker elements…

Boohoo shearling bomber jacket

Still looking for a statement piece to work into your autumn 2010 / winter 2011 wardrobe? Then, as we’ve said countless times, you’d be amiss to overlook the season’s aviator fashion trend and the key piece that goes with it: the shearling aviator jacket. Perfected by Burberry, such is the nature of fashion retail that Burberry’s work has inspired a thousand creations including this aviator…

Ralph Lauren bomber jacket: daily discovery

We’ve haven’t been shy in singing the praises of the aviator fashion trend since the beginning of the year. Nor have we been anything but constant in declaring a shearling bomber jacket / aviation jacket as the key statement piece for autumn / fall 2010. So for those fashionisers yet to invest in the trend, or those looking for an additional piece for their new-season…

Zara striped blazer: street fashion

It’s precisely this sort of easy-fashion that Australian stores ought to be scared of when Zara opens in Australia. Though the shoulders aren’t precisely now, the stripes are bang on the money. Australian retailers will have to be equally as on the money to compete.