Dresses & skirts.

The skirt to make everyone stare at your behind

A different kind of trompe l’oeil, one that causes double takes – maybe even triple takes – as the brain tries to reconcile the situation. No, it’s not a second pair of hands, it’s an optical illusion caused by one very clever and eye-catching print. Caution: wear only if you don’t mind every passerby staring at your butt.

The little black dress that has statement written all over it

Their name evokes because little black dresses can make all manner of statements. They can be classic, not all that little, they can be revealing or demure, they can be the foundation upon which a broader look is built, or they can be the look itself. Lashes of London’s cut-out little black dress is wholly of the latter variety.

10 awesome dresses from Resort 2014

As real fashion enthusiasts, we constantly learn how to make the best of the present trends and we learn to react fast. But despite all that, nothing feels as familiar to us than living in constant contemplation, dreaming about that perfect leather jacket in the middle of the summer and carefully putting together endless must-have list with items that will hit the stores within many…

10 amazing dresses from Paris Haute Couture week

Picking out 10 of the most breathtaking haute couture gowns showcased during Paris fashion week (PFW) is close to an impossible task. If our eyes are set on seeking beauty on the catwalk, they will make sure to find it hidden in every single one of the precious details, cuts, appliques and hand embroideries. But in all of the amazingness of couture, the following gowns…

10 of the best lace dresses for summer

Perceived as the epitome of femininity, a lace garment should definitely not be missing from a woman’s wardrobe, especially this summer when the romantic lace trend became even more of a statement on and off the runway. Delicate, pretty, sexy or edgy, the lace dresses embrace a myriad of silhouettes, cuts and colours this season, which can only mean that the one complementing your aesthetic…

The Bond Girl dress you can buy: Skyfall

Many movie costumes are custom made, such that the closest thing you can get to owning them yourself is a chance purchase of something similar, or to have your tailer whip you up a copy. But the James Bond franchise is as much about capturing the zeitgeist as it is about gadgets, girls and guns. Look back at the Bond films through the decades and…

Dr Who TARDIS dress and leggings: not bigger on the inside, but cool just the same

If you didn’t know that the TARDIS is a blue police box that’s bigger on the inside and also a time machine, then you might as well skip this post. The long-serving popular cultural phenomenon of Dr Who has clearly passed you by like a Dalek attack over the house of a heavy sleeper. If, on the contrary, you’re counting down the days until Matt…

Want: Free People daisy dress

It may be that the presence of Karlie Kloss in the look book helps to sell it; but we can’t help thinking that this Free People daisy dress with lace cut-out detailing at the waist is the kind of piece you’d end up wearing to death. It’s available in red, but the ivory colour is definitely our pick.
Karlie Kloss: Free People January '12 campaign
Karlie Kloss: Free People January '12 campaign
Karlie Kloss: Free People January '12 campaign
Karlie Kloss: Free People January '12 campaign
Karlie Kloss: Free People January '12 campaign
Karlie Kloss: Free People January '12 campaign
Karlie Kloss: Free People January '12 campaign
Karlie Kloss: Free People January '12 campaign

Acne 60s shift dress: daily discovery

With the 60s fashion revival comes a desire for a wardrobe update that takes in (at least) two things: colour, and mod 60s-inspired cuts. But if you’re shopping for a curated wardrobe of high quality, long-life pieces that will take you beyond right now and into 2012, you’re better off resisting the psychedelic prints and opting for the classics. Perusing Acne’s flagship in Stockholm recently…