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Acne 60s shift dress: daily discovery

With the 60s fashion revival comes a desire for a wardrobe update that takes in (at least) two things: colour, and mod 60s-inspired cuts. But if you’re shopping for a curated wardrobe of high quality, long-life pieces that will take you beyond right now and into 2012, you’re better off resisting the psychedelic prints and opting for the classics. Perusing Acne’s flagship in Stockholm recently…

Something blue for Spring

For those parts of the world now heading gleefully into the warmer months, there’s nothing quite like a few new pops of colour in your wardrobe to help the mood set in. Bright blue hues are definitely amongst the popular spring 2011 colour trends and work brilliantly when colour blocked with other on-trend tones like yellow and orange. When it comes to bold jewel tones…

10 awe-inspiring gowns from Resort 2012

A dress can be a work of art. And perusing through the 2012 Resort collections there are many that fit that description. These are feats of beauty that you may never buy, may never even chance to borrow; and if you did find yourself wearing one it might be for one occasion only, kept sacred to those hours in which the dress’ fabric swirled around…

Daily discovery: sheer white maxi

The dominant colour for the sheer maxi dress, as we’ve seen it thus far, has been black; but if you want a fresh change and something that leans away from the vampish side a white version can afford plenty of options. A white sheer maxi can be floaty and feminine or the epitome of boho festival chic. This particular take is made from flower and…

Karolina Kurkova in Chanel black lace

When it comes to Chanel, the brand’s early 20th Century roots are never too far from mind. But while it’s thus not uncommon for a twenties inspiration to shine through, we can’t help but add Karolina Kurkova’s gently flapper-esque outfit to the growing list of signs a jazz-age revival is on the way. And, as I’ve mentioned recently several times, that revival is likely to…

Isabel Lucas at the Met Gala

Cutting the ribbon on their Savage Beauty exhibition, centered around the work of Alexander McQueen, the Met Museum of Art held their annual gala attended by usual array of fabulous frocks. From Isable Lucas it was a perfect choice of pleats, capped off by an exotic headpiece.

How the Royal wedding dress will influence trends

It’s more Princess Grace than Diana, Princess of Wales (for which a billion people breathe a collective sigh of relief) – and the wedding dress worn by Kate Middleton will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, be all kinds of influential. Designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen the dress manages to strike that fine and perfect balance between intricate detail and understated refinement, being…
Royal Wedding 2011
Royal Wedding 2011
Royal Wedding 2011

Black dress, the Chloe way: daily discovery

The pristinely cut leather shell top and wool-crepe skirt come together to create what can only be described as a piece of 2011 minimalist heaven. Between the contrasting textures, held together with two small buttons, is a little midriff peeking space which, along with an open back, gives this piece all the uniqueness it needs to be a stand-out transeasonal black dress. So very Chloe.

Miu Miu mini: daily discovery

Is it just me, or are good skirts harder to find than they should be? They’re usually too much or not enough, too detailed or too plain. Sometimes, you just want a ridiculously-cute coral pink mini with no other detail bar for a neat petal hem to take you into sweet-60s-chic territory. And by ‘sometimes’ I really mean when you lay eyes on this one…

Cheap Monday Bonnie skirt: daily discovery

Most of the asymmetrical skirt hems we’ve been seeing have been of the shorter-in-front variety, but that’s not to say that a version like Cheap Monday’s isn’t just as effective. Heather grey and with fold that fall into cascades of asymmetrical ruffles, this one is simple enough to be a staple, but unique enough to add interest to any outfit.