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10 of the best lace dresses for summer

Perceived as the epitome of femininity, a lace garment should definitely not be missing from a woman’s wardrobe, especially this summer when the romantic lace trend became even more of a statement on and off the runway. Delicate, pretty, sexy or edgy, the lace dresses embrace a myriad of silhouettes, cuts and colours this season, which can only mean that the one complementing your aesthetic…

The Bond Girl dress you can buy: Skyfall

Many movie costumes are custom made, such that the closest thing you can get to owning them yourself is a chance purchase of something similar, or to have your tailer whip you up a copy. But the James Bond franchise is as much about capturing the zeitgeist as it is about gadgets, girls and guns. Look back at the Bond films through the decades and…

Dr Who TARDIS dress and leggings: not bigger on the inside, but cool just the same

If you didn’t know that the TARDIS is a blue police box that’s bigger on the inside and also a time machine, then you might as well skip this post. The long-serving popular cultural phenomenon of Dr Who has clearly passed you by like a Dalek attack over the house of a heavy sleeper. If, on the contrary, you’re counting down the days until Matt…

Want: Free People daisy dress

It may be that the presence of Karlie Kloss in the look book helps to sell it; but we can’t help thinking that this Free People daisy dress with lace cut-out detailing at the waist is the kind of piece you’d end up wearing to death. It’s available in red, but the ivory colour is definitely our pick.
Karlie Kloss: Free People January '12 campaign
Karlie Kloss: Free People January '12 campaign
Karlie Kloss: Free People January '12 campaign
Karlie Kloss: Free People January '12 campaign
Karlie Kloss: Free People January '12 campaign
Karlie Kloss: Free People January '12 campaign
Karlie Kloss: Free People January '12 campaign
Karlie Kloss: Free People January '12 campaign

Acne 60s shift dress: daily discovery

With the 60s fashion revival comes a desire for a wardrobe update that takes in (at least) two things: colour, and mod 60s-inspired cuts. But if you’re shopping for a curated wardrobe of high quality, long-life pieces that will take you beyond right now and into 2012, you’re better off resisting the psychedelic prints and opting for the classics. Perusing Acne’s flagship in Stockholm recently…

Something blue for Spring

For those parts of the world now heading gleefully into the warmer months, there’s nothing quite like a few new pops of colour in your wardrobe to help the mood set in. Bright blue hues are definitely amongst the popular spring 2011 colour trends and work brilliantly when colour blocked with other on-trend tones like yellow and orange. When it comes to bold jewel tones…

10 awe-inspiring gowns from Resort 2012

A dress can be a work of art. And perusing through the 2012 Resort collections there are many that fit that description. These are feats of beauty that you may never buy, may never even chance to borrow; and if you did find yourself wearing one it might be for one occasion only, kept sacred to those hours in which the dress’ fabric swirled around…

Daily discovery: sheer white maxi

The dominant colour for the sheer maxi dress, as we’ve seen it thus far, has been black; but if you want a fresh change and something that leans away from the vampish side a white version can afford plenty of options. A white sheer maxi can be floaty and feminine or the epitome of boho festival chic. This particular take is made from flower and…

Karolina Kurkova in Chanel black lace

When it comes to Chanel, the brand’s early 20th Century roots are never too far from mind. But while it’s thus not uncommon for a twenties inspiration to shine through, we can’t help but add Karolina Kurkova’s gently flapper-esque outfit to the growing list of signs a jazz-age revival is on the way. And, as I’ve mentioned recently several times, that revival is likely to…