Fashion collections.

This mystical girl dancing beneath the stars could be you

Why might it be you? Because the face of Hanalei Reponty, Mara Hoffman’s fall 2014 muse, is largely obscured; hidden beneath a gauzy checkered veil, a curtain of mermaid-like hair, or some delicate ring-embellished fingers. Olivia Malone’s photos are more about the clothing and the mood… about the mystical California skies awash with stars and the jutting rocks looming against the sand.

Miranda Kerr looks gorgeous, ushers in spring

Nothing says spring like a peasant blouse that reveals a sun-kissed shoulder, a trumpeting petal skirt that bounces with every step, or the simplest of simple fresh cotton tees. Sporting all of those things is Miranda Kerr in a new spring campaign for H&M, looking effortless and gorgeous at the same time as the Australian-born beauty is wont to do. The campaign also has a…

6 utterly breathtaking couture collections

Never are the Paris runways filled with such breathtaking gowns as they are during Haute Couture fashion week. The detail is exquisite, the cuts exhilarating, the colours evocative and the executions sublime. The collections for spring 2014 were no exception, bringing an array of show-stopping gowns to the runway. At the gallery are 6 of the most breathtaking collections from couture week.

Top 10 men’s collections from Paris fashion week

The much anticipated and often argued most prevalent of the big 4 fashion weeks, made its forthcoming decent upon the alluring city of Paris. Following obligatory stops in London and Milan, all eyes turned towards the French fashion capital as noted design houses unleashed their latest couture contributions for the world to appreciate. With influential public figures in attendance coupled with an all-consuming anticipation, the…

Top 10 men’s collections from Milan fashion week

A key stop in what’s globally acknowledged as one of the Big 4 fashion weeks, highly regarded destination, Milan, recently wrapped its men’s fashion week to the utter pleasure of many. Conceived in 1958, Milan fashion week co-ordinates, promotes and celebrates the development of Italian fashion affording some of the globe’s most relevant design houses an outlet to bestow their invaluable collections for the world…

Jessica Choay: The Classics revised

In a relatively short amount of time, Jessica Choay taught us to embrace the unexpected, to seek the impossible, to cherish femininity and applaud the use of imagination. With the fall / winter 2013-14 campaign, the designer went even further in translating her signature “lingerie as outerwear” designs into a purely irresistible concept; this time around each of the garments were gifted with a unique…

Va va vintage: styling inspiration from yesteryear

Big hair, beautiful pearls, floral framing, high-waisted shorts, eye-catching make-up and pencil heels. This is just the beginning of the introduction into the world of vintage fashion. Photographer Francesco Trombetti creates a timeless shoot that fulfills and satisfies the fashionable curiosity of any viewer. For both men and women this fashion shoots walks us through a contemporary reflection of vintage styling, and how applicable and…