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I.D. Sarrieri lingerie: elegance & fetish in the same breath

Rarely does a lingerie label incorporate sculptural folds, ballerina skirts of fine sheer tulle, vintage-style panelled corsets and studded full-cupped bras into their offering. Especially not all at once. I.D Sarrieri are the kind – maybe the only kind – of couture lingerie maker that can pull it off. Fetish and elegance are traits cut from the same (delicate, lace-trimmed) cloth in the world of…

What happens when you cross lingerie with mythology? Sexiness happens.

Long before the influence of shows like Spartacus and Game of Thrones there’s been something inherently sexy about mythology. Just think of the Homeric verses, peppered through with alluring Sirens, frisky nymphs and beauties like Helen of Troy. When a lingerie label like Ludique looks to mythological references for their latest bridal campaign, the results are about as sexy as you might expect and then…

For Love & Lemons “Extra Virgin” lingerie look book (NSFW)

The mood is everything when you aim to veil a series of photographs in gorgeous black and white tones, to bathe them in gorgeous fading lights and enhance their charm using vintage Polaroid effects. The attitude is everything when the subject of said photographs is lingerie, dipped in ivory and white tones, powdery neons, cut in unusual textiles and inspired by vintage classic silhouettes. Luckily,…

Very Sexy: Karlie & Doutzen for Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret can easily be charged with accusations of doing a lot of the same, same but the formula clearly nets them millions of profits, so why change it? The latest campaign for the “Very Sexy” push-up bra (aren’t they all?) is very sexy indeed, filled with night time city lights in bokeh form, Doutzen Kroes’ Angel waves, and Karlie Kloss’ infuriating combination of rock…

David Beckham does swimming trunks for H&M

It was only a matter of time before swimwear was added to the David Beckham for H&M bodywear line. And here it is, hitting stores in May 2014, featuring 3 styles – boardshorts, swimshorts and trunks. And of course, for all the Beckham fans, the campaign is modelled by the man himself: tattooed, topless, and wearing that trademark slicked-back David Beckham hairstyle.

The power of the bralet: Christie Nicole lingerie

Deserving of its own fan club, rightfully acknowledged as the cooler little sibling of the padded bra, the lace bralet is the refuge of the effortless. And like all good bralets, Christie Nicole’s pieces win out on their easy, unfussy appeal – where pristine white lace and black mesh with slender cross-over straps beg to welcome themselves into your wardrobe, there to be seen as…

Etam lingerie: the not-quite-Victoria’s-Secret show

Live music, live audience, gorgeous models parading in lingerie. No it’s not quite the Victoria’s Secret fashion show – but Etam’s live show 2014 has similar elements without the magnitude and budget. Performances from the likes of Kavinsky and Azealia Banks, along with some beautiful bodies and beautiful (understated) lingerie sets makes it worth a watch. Check out the full show after the break.

The sheer sensuality of classic stockings

It comes as no surprise that in our modern times every classic gets to be revised, every iconic piece injected with new attitude as if to match the ever evolving portrait of the woman in style. In doing just that, Yuli Chulkova‘s capsule collection of Stockings and Tights aims to add a dash of edge to a otherwise classical look, combining minimalistic silhouettes with cool…

May your Valentine’s Day be this good

We’re not averse to a bit of unabashed, unapologetic lingerie sexiness, especially when there’s an excuse (no matter how flimsy) to back it up. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow’s excuse you can use today because it’s all about getting into the mood, isn’t it? We’d hate to leave it too late. And so, courtesy of Galore Mag, Frederick’s of Hollywood, and Valentine’s Day, this video:

Sex kittens, latex and Lascivious: more options for Valentine’s Day

You might feel like being many things this Valentine’s Day – amoung them adored, spoiled, boldly sexy or touchingly romantic; or maybe you’ll just feel irresistibly compelled to channel the soft sensuality of that ever-nostalgic creature, the 1960s Playboy bunny. If the latter, Lascivious lingerie‘s spring 2014 campaign will serve as all the inspiration you need. This season paints a vintage touch across the brand’s…
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