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How to match your watch to your suit

It is the most worn accessory piece by men, but despite that, a watch should still come across as a testimony of style, and nothing like a timeless design to further emphasize this statement. When it comes to watches and suits, some things are clear cut and obvious, like the fact that a dress watch is supposed to be small, discreet, elegant. Other actions instead,…

10 of the best bras to deliberately show off

A little bit sexy, a little bit sweet, the peek-a-boo play of the season invites you to put forward your best bra and to deliberately show it off during the hot, hot days. Layered underneath a sheer top, an unbuttoned shirt or a sporty tank, the visible bra gains sophistication this summer when cut in delicate lace, and featuring nothing but interesting cuts. Pick your…

10 cool layering ideas for summer: styling inspiration

Weightless or even sheer, unpredictable or classy, super-feminine or rather sporty, layering for summer 2014 continues to encourage you in building upon lightness for looks that are meant to be equal parts effortless, and unique. Pulling it off means keeping a perfect balance in everything that involves the styling: choice of fabric, colour palette, use of accessories. From delicate camisole dresses, to transparent tops, and…

Lingerie, flowers & feminine beauty: Midnight Garden

Here’s something I’ve observed while walking down the street: carry a bunch of flowers and you’ll receive infinite amounts of attention from male passersby. Why? Aside from making one look desirable, I can only theorise that the beauty of the flowers somehow compounds the beauty of any woman in their vicinity. In carrying a delicate rose, you become a delicate rose. The same is true…
Midnight Garden by Antony Nobilo
Midnight Garden by Antony Nobilo
Midnight Garden by Antony Nobilo
Midnight Garden by Antony Nobilo
Midnight Garden by Antony Nobilo
Midnight Garden by Antony Nobilo

10 of the sexiest looks from resort 2015

We’ve spotted sexy take on many guises for resort 2015, which only proves sensuality is just as much about attitude, as it is about bringing strength and femininity into play. We’ve seen subtle sexy and flirty sexy, daring cut-outs and blocks of sheer, bare midriffs and classier undertones. The one thing they all shared was the effortless appeal, brought forward by the ultra-modern silhouettes, and…

9 of the best fringed dresses for summer

Cut short, or long-length, coloured wonderful and responsible for creating dramatic movement, this season’s fringing trend is anything but lifeless. Seek it on feather-weight fabrics and slim-fit silhouettes, adopt it in subtle detailing, or completely surrender yourself to its irresistible appeal. Whatever you end up choosing, rest assured it won’t pass unnoticed.  After the break, 9 of the best fringed dresses to invest in this…

What to wear to: a summer picnic

A delicious outdoor lunch date, an afternoon getaway with your best friends, a few hours meant to be spent all by yourself, sipping a cold lemonade and enjoying a good book; a summer picnic offers you the perfect excuse to check off all of the above activities from your seasonal to-do list. Leaving the great food and tasty pastries aside, think in terms of pretty…

Get the look: burnt orange boho luxe

Decades cycle round and round, and the amount of earth-toned suedes and retro burnt orange hues we’ve been seeing can only point to (yet) another revival of the 1970s. It’s polished bohemian goodness that begs for a perfect blow-dry and sunkissed summer skin – a la Cara Delevingne in this month’s issue of Vogue US.