A man’s guide to autumn knits: choosing the best colours, patterns & fits

Despite them being close to a fall staple, an indispensable part of a gentleman’s wardrobe come the cold months, most men know little about sweaters – and therefore not many of them dare take advantage of the entire spectrum of styles and patterns available. From the choice of color to the one involving the material, the point is to always highlight your individuality, while opting…

Renabla: how dirty is your mind?

When Lisa Schuil (a stylist whose work we’ve featured many times) puts pen to paper, the outcome is rather quirky and very different. Branching out into design, she’s created a t-shirt range under the brand name Renabla: the designs are simple sketches, but they certainly beg your eye to look twice. A cute line-drawn cat could be a woman’s naked body in Schuil’s world, if…
Alexe by Dennis Veldman for Renabla
Alexe by Dennis Veldman for Renabla
Alexe by Dennis Veldman for Renabla
Alexe by Dennis Veldman for Renabla
Alexe by Dennis Veldman for Renabla
Alexe by Dennis Veldman for Renabla
Alexe by Dennis Veldman for Renabla
Alexe by Dennis Veldman for Renabla

Givenchy’s iconic prints reworked as wearable art

Benjamin Shine does unique things with objects, turning everyday materials into works of art. It might be a portrait made from thousands of metal eyelets, or from pill-packets mounted on alluminium and backlit; or it might be an icon of Madonna and child manipulated through a single piece of tulle. The latter isn’t just any artwork, however, it happens to be a collaboration with Givenchy;…

Paul Smith’s Giro D’Italia cycling jerseys

Sir Paul Smith‘s cycling career was cut short by injury at the age of just 18; and while that inadvertently set him on the creative path we know him for today, he’s never given up his love for the race. Bringing both his passion for the sport and design flair together, Smith has designed the leaders’ jerseys for the 2013 Giro d’Italia – a cycling…

5 men’s print t-shirts to give for Christmas

From the man for whom fashion is at the bottom of the priorities list to the most discerning of sartorial males: the humble t-shirt has a place in every wardrobe. That’s what makes it an ideal Christmas gift when you’re otherwise in doubt. To keep it interesting and to keep the gift feeling more special than a plain white basic, prints are the way to…

4 ways to wear a classic white shirt

It goes without saying that every girl owns, or at least must own, one good white classic shirt. In conclusion to a lifetime experience of dressing up, the simpler the shirt is, the more versatile it becomes, since you can style it around in multiple ways in order to change its look. Read on to discover how to wear the same shirt in 4 different…

A perfect layering piece from Dion Lee

If two of spring’s biggest loves happen to be delicious pastel tones and looks that mix it up with light layering, then a little piece like this one from Dion Lee, available at, is the season’s best friend. Though actually from Dion Lee’s autumn / winter collection, it’s one of those pieces that would transcend any season and fit with 2012’s trends across the…

5 picks: retro-inspired crop tops

Crop tops in 2012 don't have to be about showing the world your entire torso. From Dolce Vita lace to sweet floral bandeaus, here are 5 picks for retro-inspired crop tops and bustiers that hint at midriff but keep it ultimately feminine. See them all after the break.

Salvatore Piccolo X Monocle shirts: daily discovery

Monocle is one of the publications which we greatly admire at The magazine’s ability to thrive when many others are in a protracted period of decline show that they’ve transcended the traditional model and become a lifestyle. Their collaborations are many and varied, though the latest have them teaming up up with Italian brand Salvatore Piccolo for two button up shirts – one of…