So it had to happen, you had to get friends that totally aren’t into fashion, what can you get them… A gift card? No that’s totally naff, no one likes getting a gift card, it’s like getting money, but not as good. So you’ve been racking your brain trying to figure out what to buy him (or her)?! I’m going to go out on a limb and recommend for you some music that may appeal to your friends that who aren’t interested in a scarf again this year.

Five CDs for your friends

1. Robyn – Robyn
So I’m a little late to jump on this band wagon. The CD was first released in 2005, don’t blame me… I just got my hands on it.

“You wanna rumble in my jungle?/ I’ll take you on/ You wanna rumble in space/ I’ll put my laser on stun/ And on the North Pole/ I’ll ice you, son.”

Robyn has a soft side too with songs like; “With Every Heartbeat” & “Robotboy”, before picking up again and climaxing with (if you’re lucky enough to get the UK version) Jack U Off which has some brilliant piano. Robyn is so full of energy give her to your friend that just refuses to shut up, should keep him quiet for at least a few hours.
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2. Gym Class Heroes – As Cruel as School Children

“My man Tom introduced us but I was too shy to say hi/When I finally built up enough nerve to drop a line/You made it clear you wasn’t just another myspace mistress”

Clever quick-witted rhymes keep this disc on track, though they may get old quickly if this is not your thing, this seems to be their love songs (complete with a myspace reference… ewww) album. Get this for your lovelorn friends it may just cheer her up, or she might just look at you strange.
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3. Soho Dolls – Ribbed Music for the Numb Generation

“Puh Puh Prince Harry/Girl like to marry/Save up all your USD’s for British Universities”

This album feels so burlesque, dark and decadent, it’s absolutely sexy. The fact the lead singer is called Maya von Doll doesn’t hurt either. Give this CD to your friend whose in love with Dita, tell him it’s time move on.
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4. Fall Out Boy – Infinity on High

They say quitters never win/We walk the plank on a sinking ship/There’s a world outside of my front door that gets off on being down

These boys are here for three reasons;
1. The clip for Thnks fr th Mmrs has monkeys.
2. The clip for The Carpal Tunnel of Love is Happy Tree Friends.
3) The rest of the music on the CD is quite good too ;).
Give this CD to your EMO friend, it may cheer her up, you should also buy it so the guys can afford to start using vowels again.
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5 Lily Allen – Alright Still

Yeah, you really must think you’re great/ Let’s see how you feel in a couple of weeks/ When I work my way through your mates.

This very cute girl has a terribly filthy mouth and terrible attitude. We love her and have done so for a good long time. Get it for your innocent friend who we all know has a very naughty side.
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Lastly a big thanks to the “What Song / Album are you listening to?” thread in the forums, if it wasn’t for this thread I may not have heard of Robyn (and a few of the others on this list) for an extra few weeks.

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