It’s been a week of the seeing juvenile made mature, time travelling rappers, long lost footage of the original bombshell and the acceptance of a new one. Oh and there’s that thing called Gatsby.

Here’s everything you need to pass your Friday afternoon and need to know for the weekend ahead.

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Ah, literature. Thou beest so serious (as the Joker might have said had Shakespeare penned one last great tragedy, The Dark Knight Doth Rise). Just how serious? This serious. “With his top hat and monocle [he is] a clear and overt representation of the bourgeois industrialist. Other arriviste trappings such as his long limousine and imposing townhouse further give the game away.” Pretty standard textual analysis? No, that’s a review of Mr. Uppity. And there’s a whole series of oh so serious reviews of Mr Men ready to make the juvenile, mature.
We’ve looked at the groceries the rest of the world buys, now it’s time to see what they eat for breakfast.

It confirms my suspicions: of all the countries I’ve visited in this world, Germany has the worst breakfast cuisine.

You’ve heard the one about Nicolas Cage being an immortal vampire, right? Well here’s the proof that Jay Z is a time traveller. Or also a vampire. Or just a guy whose face has that familiar feel. Either way, here’s Jay Z back in 1939.
In 1955 at 15 year old boy had what most men dream of: a few hours to spend with Marilyn Monroe at her behest. By the time he was 18 that boy was no longer interested in Monroe and disposed of the film. Well it was recently rediscovered. These are the candid moments of a 29 year of Marilyn Monroe.


The best pictorial models are able to produce amazing shapes with their bodies for the camera. They look natural when you view them on, but in real life their poses are anything but. Dancers are capable of exactly the same thing, as former-dancer Ingrid Endel proves.


When I once penned a piece on Kate Upton as model one detractor wrote in to tell me that I was an idiot – Kate Upton, this person reckoned, was not even close to a model. If I recall correctly, amongst their vitriol words such as “pimp” and “whore” were to be found. Well, for that person, here’s a slice of humble pie: Kate Upton’s first US Vogue cover. And here’s a second serving, The Kate Upton Effect: America’s Favourite Bombshell.
Gatsby. Gatsby. Gatsby. Who hasn’t had a conversation about The Great Gatsby recently? But just how real is the story that defines so much of how we all imagine the roaring 1920s to have been?


Speaking of The Great Gatsby, if you’re in London you have 48 hours left to see the ballet interpretation.

So. Damn. Good.

Live any part of your life in Melbourne, Australia and it’ll turn you into a coffee snob connoisseur. Which is why the city will next week host the International Coffee Expo. Head along to find your perfect cup of black.
Talking of the perfect drop.

It’s time to create your own bar.

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