Misquotations to quote during all those dinner party conversations (just don’t misquote the misquotations), animals you never knew existed, rare natural phenomenon and how to look great in photos. Plus in our weekend reads, the story behind the real-life Bling Ring and how Sarah Burton became fashion royalty.

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You’re quoting that wrong.

Wait, what – you mean Obi-Wan Kenobi never said “May the force be with you” and it was actually “All that glisters is not gold”? In the video below, 50 misquotations and mis-attributions that’ll shatter your life-long realities. And more importantly, enough interesting facts to fill a year’s worth of dinner party conversations.

Funny conversations with a 2 year old adult.

While none of us doubt that children say and do strange things, having not yet had social norms beaten into them by adult life, it’s even stranger when you imagine an adult responding in the exact same way a child would. Actually forget the word strange – it’s just plain funny.

The (apparently) true history of the Long Island Ice Tea.

It’s about as far from an actual iced tea that you can get, but it turns out that the party-in-a-glass that is the Long Island Ice Tea can be traced back to one man: his name is Bob Butt. That’s according to the video below, and this article which delves further into the ups and downs of the drink.


Animals you never knew existed.

And, quite frankly, that’ll freak you the hell out. Especially when you realise that what you thought was a pretty cute deer actually has vampire fangs, and that the yeti crab is a real thing.

Earth’s best rare natural phenomena.

From light poles to lenticular clouds, underwater forests to foaming seas: these completely awesome natural occurrences are ones you’d want to see in your lifetime.


How Sarah Burton became fashion royalty.

Domestic, quietly steely and born of an unremarkable life: if those sound like criticisms of Sarah Burton – Creative Director of the Alexander McQueen brand – they’re not. From landing the job of designing Kate Middleton’s royal wedding dress, to lying to Anna Wintour about it, this article is a brief rundown of how Sarah Burton made it.

Formal for a year, changed for a lifetime.

One man’s decision to dress formally for a year, and an insight into how it impacted his life. Yes, getting called ‘Sir’ a lot more and getting a sudden hankering for a Mercedes did factor into it.

How to look good in photos.

One of our own trending articles this week – because let’s face it, you can’t avoid cameras these days. From golden light to figure-flattering poses, beautiful backdrops to pretty props: some tips and tricks on looking your best in photos.

The real-life Bling Ring.

The new film stars a sexy, trash-glam Emma Watson, but what were the real-life ‘Bling Ring’ really like? Vanity Fair investigates how desire for celebrity lifestyle turned a bunch of kids into world-famous burglars. Stealing from Paris Hilton has more than one downside, aside from proving poor taste.


Selfless portraits.

Get a stranger to draw your portrait. Anyone in the world can join this creative project which uses Facebook profile photos as the basis of portraits. You can put your artistic talents to the test by painting someone you’ve never met, or add your photos into the mix and hope that someone decides to draw you. Flatteringly.

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