For this week’s music column we asked you what’s been playing on your music-device-of-choice. You’re a stylish and cultured bunch, after all.

From the attitude-laden sing-song vocals of Scandinavian Elliphant to the epidemically catchy I Love It; from soulful house beats to burgeoning indie-pop… we got some pretty good reader suggestions. After the break, a round-up of what you’ve been listening to.

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Elliphant EP

Dripping with attitude and youth in equal quantities, Elliphant’s tracks have more bounce than a hair-care commercial and enough beats to fill any club – even if they don’t quite lend themselves to being anthems. Elliphant is Swedish beauty Ellinor Olovsdotter, who’s simultaneously completely gorgeous and too cool to give a fuck. Give Down On Life a listen.

Suggested by Caroline.

Icona Pop – I Love It

Icona Pop could border on irritating were it not for the overriding catchiness that wins you over, willing or not. There’s just something about shouting I. Don’t. Care. that’s too liberating to ignore. On a summer’s night, resistance is futile.

Suggested by JME.

French Wives – Dream of the Inbetween

There’s a rawness to the debut album of Scottish band French Wives, even with the addition of thumping drums and sweeps of strings. Keeping their indie roots in tact hasn’t meant compromising on pop appeal, the songs swaying between mellow and uplifting, hints of darkness in echoes of light. It’s not quite polished – and maybe that’s part of the appeal – but it’s a promising display of the band’s potential. If they can take their established style and bump it up to the next level, there’ll be goodness to come after Dream of the Inbetween. We’ll keep an ear out.

Suggested by Laura.

Kaznova featuring Joy Swaks – Moving On

Joy Swaks’ soulful vocals rise above foot-tapping house beats in this fairly straightforward mix by DJ Kaznova. Piano cords and percussion keep it interesting.

Suggested by Veronica.

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